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What Mallory specializes in


Yoga Asana and Yoga as a spiritual path has always spoke to Mallory's soul.  She has been consistently practicing yoga on and off the mat for over 20 years and teaching for over 10. You can practice with Mallory at Love Roots Yoga Shala located in Wrightwood, CA a quaint yoga studio she co-owns with 5 other amazing women.  

Malas & Meditation

After struggling for years to find a meditation practice Mallory could maintain, she learned how to make a mala and use it for meditation. As a very kinesthetic person having something tangible to focus her breath on greatly helped. In 2013 Mallory opened Ahimsa Jewels her gemstone Mala and Jewelry business.  

Human Design

Learning about Human Design fundamentally changed Mallory's life.  Understanding her chart was such validation to how she naturally wanted to live was correct for her and to stop listening to societies conditioning.  She loves teaching others about their Human Design chart and feel it is a deep spiritual experience to simply live as yourself.

My mission is... 

to empower you to trust yourself. To take the lessons you learn on your yoga mat and in meditation and bring them into your everyday life because that's where true spirituality resides. I'm here to encourage and support you in your deconditioning process, release shadow patterns, and live a life that is authentically yours! 

Are you looking to trust your inner guidance and gain more ease and flow in your life?

Then create your unique Human Design char here to start and learn how your energy is naturally meant to flow, where your inner authority lies, and learn how to make decisions to bring that effortless flow into your life.

How I can support your with Human Design

Create Your Free 
Human Design Chart

This is your starting point, if you haven't run your Human Design chart yet, what are you waiting for?  All you need is your birth date, time, and place!  Your design will help you understand how your energy is designed to flow to bring you back into alignment and full of health & vitality.

1:1 Embracing your Design Guidance session

You've created your design and want to work with me 1:1 to help guide you forward into releasing what's holding you back and fully embody who you were designed to be to live a life full of health & vitality on all levels.  This is your next step!

Vitality by Design Library & Community

Your place to learn more about all the aspects of your Human Design Chart, how to incorporate the Gene Keys and Natural Health into your unique energetic flow, & a space to ask questions and connect with others exploring their design. This is an ever expanding library for an affordable monthly rate!

What people are saying...
"When Mallory did a Human Design reading for me it was definitely an A-HA moment for me.  It was so interesting to hear that some of the personality traits that I struggle with are just how I am made.  The results of my design were so thought-provoking.  Not everything made sense for me now, but over time I seeing so many insights. Mallory was extremely helpful I providing a deep explanation of all the sections and was able to answer any questions to clear up any confusion I had.  I highly recommend having a design reading done by Mallory!"
- Jessica R. 

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