Gene Keys

Your keys to unlocking your highest potential 

Turning your shadows into your greatest gifts

Your soul came here for transformation.

Within each of us lay inherited shadow patterns within our genes.  When we bring awareness and healing to these patterns our gifts are revealed.  This is the transformational energy of the Gene Keys, they give us a practical path to walk to release are fears and tap into our full potential.
What are the Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are derived from the Gates of your Human Design Chart and focus on the more spiritual aspect of the Chinese I-Ching which is also where the Gates from your Human Design chart are derived from.

There are 64 Gene Keys and within each of these gene keys contains a physical aspect of the body and an energetic aspect.  When working with the energetic aspect there are 3 different frequency bands called; Shadow, Gift, & Siddhi.  

The Shadows are low frequency patterns we see in ourselves and encounter in the collective. It is these low frequency patterns are that responsible for the fear states we may feel or see in the world around us.

What the Gene Keys offer us is a way to step out of these low frequency patterns and tap into a higher state of being with our gifts.  It is a contemplation journey that brings about awareness that within every shadow contains a gift and that it is possible to raise our frequency above the shadow patterns, release our fears, and tap into our highest potential.

At the highest frequency each Gene Key contains a Siddhi which is basically a different 'flavor' of enlightenment.

As and example, let's take the 5th Gene Key

The intention of this Gene Key is to move from the Shadow of Impatience to the Siddhi of Timelessness, to do this we tap into the gift frequency and tap into the Gift of Patience.  So how to you do this? How do you move from the shadow pattern of impatience and cultivate the gift of patience which can lead to the siddhi or enlightened state of Timelessness... keep reading!
Working with the Gene Keys
A different approach to transformation.
Many spiritual system can be intense, ridged, and almost forceful leaving you feeling like you're never quite enough no matter how much 'work' you've put in.

Working with the Gene Keys takes a different approach.  It is soft and gentle, giving you the time, space, and freedom to walk your transformational path at your own pace.

There are 4 main values to keep in mind when working with your Gene Keys...
                  🔹 Contemplation
                  🔹 Inquiry
                  🔹 Gentleness
                  🔹 Patience

When working on healing your shadow patterns and tapping into your gifts they key is to have patience with yourself.  Take your time and be gentle while your contemplating and bringing more awareness around how your shadows show up in your life.  Always be kind and show yourself grace.  Instead of judging yourself, bring a sense of curiosity and inquiry to your contemplations around your transformational path through the Gene Keys.
Walking your Path to Fulfillment & Freedom
Each of us has a unique path to walk so that we can experience more peace and ease in our life.  In the context of the Gene Keys this is called your 'Golden Path.'

Even though we may experience and see the 64 shadows, gifts, and Sindhis show up in our life, there are certain ones that will be more prominent in your life than others.

Your unique Golden Path is derived from your Human Design chart. It takes specific activations and bring them into a practical spiritual path that you can walk that will help you work through and release your shadow patterns, tap into your inherent gifts, and maybe one day reach your siddhi frequency.

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Your Journey Through the Golden Path
Ready to release your shadow patterns and embrace your gifts?  
These 3 Gene Keys courses will take you through the different aspects of your Golden Path for transformational healing.
Activation Sequence
Discovering your Genius

This is the main starting point in unlocking your full potienal in this lifetime.  The activation sequence takes you on a journey through your 4 prime gifts and helps you to overcome some of the most challenging shadow patterns that show up in your life.

Venus Sequence
Opening your Heart
Our relationships can be the biggest teachers in our lives.  The Venus Sequence takes you on a journey through your unconscious patterns that show up in our relationships.  This teaching teaches to live life with an open heart to ourselves and others.

Pearl Sequence
Unlocking your Prosperity
When you release the shadow patterns and tap into your gifts you liberate a new flow of prosperity into your life.  If you are ready to embrace material success in a wholesome and fulfilled way please click the link below to learn more about this course from the Gene Keys.

"The Gene Keys teachings are designed as an open system that you can explore in wide variety of ways. Unlike many teachings, they are a self-teaching transmission that awakens within you, rather than a structure imposed from the outside through a set discipline or teacher. In this sense, the Gene Keys are an adventure that you can tailor to your own life, moving at your own pace, trusting in your intuition and imagination."

-Richard Rudd, founder of The Gene Keys

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