Get Quiet, Meditate, and Allow Your Soul to Flower - Making you own Flowering Mala

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to lose sight of our true essence. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle, forgetting to nurture our souls and allow them to flourish. That's why I created the Flowering Mala designed to help you flower into your true essence in this lifetime.

The Power of a Personalized Mala

A mala is more than just a string of beads; it is a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual growth. By creating your own mala, you infuse it with your energy and intention, making it a deeply personal and transformative experience

Flower into Your True Essence

Your soul is here to flower, to show its beauty to the world. Sometimes, it needs a little help and encouragement. That's where this mala comes in. Mallory's specially designed mala is crafted to support your spiritual awakening and help your soul blossom into its full potential.

The Ripple Effect

When you allow yourself to flower, it doesn't just benefit you. Your spiritual growth creates a ripple effect on the collective consciousness, inspiring others to do the same. By nurturing your soul, you contribute to the flowering of many other souls, creating a beautiful tapestry of collective growth and enlightenment.

The Magic of Crystal Properties

The mala is not just about aesthetics; it's about harnessing the powerful properties of crystals to aid your spiritual journey.

Fluorite: The Soul Cleanser

Fluorite is known for its incredible ability to draw off negative energies and cleanse, purify, and reorganize the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. It's the perfect stone to prepare your soul to flower in its spiritual awakening.
  • Cleansing: Fluorite dispels negative energies, creating a clean slate for spiritual growth.
  • Grounding: It grounds and integrates spiritual energies, ensuring that your awakening is deeply rooted within your soul and body.
  • Organizing: Fluorite reorganizes chaotic energies, bringing clarity and focus to your spiritual journey.

Rose Quartz: The Heart Opener

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and acceptance. It facilitates the opening and flowering of your heart chakra, allowing love and compassion to flow freely.

  • Unconditional Love: Rose quartz promotes love for oneself and others, essential for spiritual growth.
  • Heart Chakra: By opening the heart chakra, it encourages emotional healing and deepens your capacity for empathy and kindness.
  • Flowering: It supports the flowering of your heart, enabling you to embrace and express your true essence
How to make this Mala

To create this mala, you'll use the following materials (click on each material for a link to purchase)
The Pattern:

Place you Guru bead flanked by gold flower bead caps and 6mm round gold beads.

This Mala is broken up into 6 sections of 18 beads.  We will go counter clockwise around the mala to set up the design.

1st section:
  1. From the Guru Bead you will need to have 17 8mm Fluorite beads on each side.
  2. Then place a 10mm Rose Quartz Bead flanked by gold bead caps.
  3. Next a 4mm Gold Spacer bead.
2nd Section:
  1. 10mm Rose Gold bead flanked by gold bead caps
  2. 16 8mm Fluorite beads
  3. 10mm Rose Gold bead flanked by gold bead caps
  4. 4mm gold spacer bead

Sections 3-5 repeat section 2

Section 6:
  1. 10mm Rose Quartz bead flanked by gold cap beads
  2. 17 8mm fluorite beads
You're all done, that's the pattern for this mala!

Why Make Your Own Mala?

  • Deep Personal Connection: Crafting your own mala allows you to connect deeply with each bead, each knot, and each intention set. This personal touch can amplify the mala's power, making it a true reflection of your spiritual journey.
  • Intentional Energy: When you make your own mala, you can infuse it with specific intentions and prayers, aligning it perfectly with your spiritual goals.
  • Meditative Creation: The process of making a mala is meditative in itself. It offers a chance to slow down, focus, and enter a state of mindfulness.

Begin Your Journey Today

Making your own mala is a profound and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to connect with your soul, set powerful intentions, and create a tool that will support your spiritual growth for years to come.

If you do not know how to make a mala you get my mala making tutorial: "Malas & Meditations: The Sacred Art of Mala Making" and join me in this transformative journey and flower into your true essence. Your soul's beauty is ready to shine, and by creating this mala, you'll be taking a significant step towards your spiritual awakening.
Start your journey now and let your soul blossom. 🌸✨

After you're done making this beautiful Flowering mala or any of your other mala making creations make sure to tag me on all social media platforms @AhimsaJewels

If you'd rather purchase this mala you can head to my store here: Flowering Mala

With love,
Mallory Riess
Founder - Ahimsa Jewels

Crystals to help follow your inner Guidance

Crystals to help follow your inner Guidance
Using natural gemstones and crystals can be a great help to support you along your spiritual journey.

Some of my favorites to use for support with trusting and following your own inner guidance are: Labradorite, Kyanite, and Smokey Quartz.
Labradorite helps you to connect with and bring awareness to the universal energies around you to help guide you in the answers you seek and correct decisions to make that already lie within you.

Kyanite opens you up to and connects you with your own inner knowing and spirit guides so that you are aware of their guidance.

Smokey Quartz grounds the guidance you receive with in you and helps to release the fears that are holding you back from following that guidance.

Carrying crystals around with you is a wonderful way to open yourself up to this guidance and have a physical reminder of the intentions you set.

Wearing your crystals in beautiful jewelry is another way to keep the healing energies and intention with you.  For this reason I created the "Guidance Mala" pictured below, click on the image to learn more about this beautiful, hand-knotted mala!

How Human Design can help to Balance your Hormones!

How Human Design can help to Balance your Hormones!
This one is more for the ladies, but for my men subscribers there may be some insights for you too because no matter your gender we all have hormones and when not living in alignment they get out of wack.

Ever since I had my daughter I've experinenced symptoms of PMS, mostly mental for me.  Those few days leading up to when Aunt Flow comes to visit were filled with negative self talk (which usually doesn't fill my head), feeling very lethargic, crying a ton, and almost, dare I say... depressed. 😬

It was a weird phenomena for me, and I did all of the natural things I knew to do.  Ate whole food, took my supplements, used all of my hormone balancing oils.  They definitely helped but still I knew my hormones were off.

So I just kind of accepted it, I knew to be aware that those few days before were not going to be great in terms of mental health and it was a lesson in allow those feelings in, fully feeling them instead of running away, and knowing that they would pass.

So what does all of this have to do with Human Design?

Well, ever since starting to dive into this system I'd read that the Energy Centers and Gates of the Human Design System correlate to different parts and systems of the body and the body's hormones.

In fact, hormones drive and regulate most of the body in different ways, I won't get into all of that know because it will just make this email even longer πŸ˜…

For the last month I have been personally working on deconditioning my Head Center and intentanially living in alignment with how mine is desgined to operate. 

What I've noticed is, my mind does not get carried away with itself and all of the crazy thoughts which makes my mental health so much better.  My mind is clearer.  Following my Strategy and Authority is easier because I know I don't need to take action on all of the thoughts my mind thinks up.  I feel such a relief of all of the mental pressure!

Besides my mental health being so much better in general, those few days before Aunt Flow came to visit I didn't have any of my usual PMS symptoms.  The physical fatigue wasn't there, I wasn't snapping at my family, and I wasn't crying for three days, and doing that downward depressive spiral in my mind.

The first day of the visit I had such a pep in my step I even did a cardio workout!

For me it was just a testament to the power of living how you personally are designed.  When we honor our energy life starts to come into balance.

If you'd like to learn more about the Head Center and work through your own deconditioning process around this center I'll be hosting an "Aligned Head Center Workshop" at the end of next month.  Be the first to know when it's happening and get all of the details by signing up for the waitlist here!

With love,

You are NOT your Mind; take steps to get out of your mind and back into your life.

You are NOT your Mind; take steps to get out of your mind and back into your life.
My mind has taken a hold of me again.

It happens, from time to time, but over the years it has lessened.

So what did I do to overcome my crazy mind?

I checked in with my Head Center.  

Before I get into what that means let's take a step back and see the role mind plays in your design.  So, stick with me until the end because I do have some tips for you!

human design, head center, deconditioning

The Biggest Mistake I See People Make When Starting Their Human Design Journey

The Biggest Mistake I See People Make When Starting Their Human Design Journey
The number one biggest mistake most people make when starting their Human Design Journey is completely going down the rabbit hole and wanting to learn everything there is to know about Human Design.

I get, Human Design is so fascinating and gives you so much confirmation on how you’ve always felt on the inside but never really allowed yourself to express on the outside. 

But, there comes a point when just consuming all of the information is simply brain candy. It's a distraction that takes you away from the real work of deconditioning so that you can actually follow your strategy and authority. If you want to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime, you do that by deconditioning and following your own unique path.

Think for a minute, how many people who you’ve come across who seem to know a lot about Human Design but you get the feeling they are not truly living their design?  

They have the knowledge, but knowledge does not equate embodiment.  In reality just consuming Human Design content can be a double edge sword and it runs a fine line.  On one hand you need to have a basic understanding of your design but on the other you need to be mindful that you’re actually experimenting with your design in real life and not just theorizing about it.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system, said many times that Human Design can just turn into mental gymnastics and distract you from living out your purpose.

So how do you actually start to live your design?

You need to make sure you’re actually working through your deconditioning process and not getting sidetracked by all of the shiny Human Design objects.

Now, I know I’m a Human Design educator, that’s what I do, I teach the brain candy, but this is not really the point of Human Design. The point of Human Design is to live out your purpose by living as your unique self.  My purpose is to show you that you have your own unique path in this lifetime and that unfold by following your own authority.

So let me ask you... 

Do you really want to keep going down all of the different Human Design rabbit holes trying to find the answers to yourself? (hint: if you have an open Head Center than this is your head center operating in an unhealthy state, always looking for the answers.) Or do you actually want to start experimenting with your design, work through your own deconditioning process, and connect with your authority to live life full of satisfaction, success, peace, or surprise.

So now you’re probably thinking, okay Mallory so then what AM I suppose to do?

Well, you work on your deconditioning so that you can better connect to your strategy and authority. The first step in doing this is understanding how your energy centers are operating.

Are you operating in healthy states within each energy center or unhealthy states?

If you’re not sure then I created a free resource for you “The Beginners Guide to Aligned Energy Centers” its the perfect starting point for you to understand how you’re operating in your Energy Centers and where some shifts needs to be made.

This is a 22 page guide going through each of the 9 Energy Centers in the Human Design system and breaking down the healthy states and unhealthy states of each center, both defined and undefined.

When you are operating in alignment within each energy center that’s when you’re able to allow the mind to step aside, trust your strategy, and connect with your own authority to guide you in this lifetime.

With love,

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