Human Design

Your key to alignment & health

What your soul calls for is what you're designed for 

Human Design gives you the pass and freedom to be exactly who, deep down, you know you've always wanted to be, but because of society's conditioning you never felt you could.

Imagine finally having a guide post so you automatically know if you are living in your true alignment, learn how make decisions not from the conditioned over thinking mind, but from your body so that life will start to unfold with more ease and flow.
What is Human Design

The Human Design system pulls from many different modalities both ancient and modern. It uses the Chinese I-Ching, Western Zodiac, Kabbalah, & Chakra system along with quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry to create your unique energetic signature, your BodyGraph. The picture on the right is a depiction a BodyGraph or HD Chart.

Your personal BodyGraph is calculated from your Birth:

🔹 Date
🔹 Time
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How Energy Flows

Within your BodyGraph you will have definition and openness in your gates, centers, and channels. Definition will be the colored in area of your chart and openness will the white areas of your chart.  As you learn to work in the natural energetic flow of your consistent energy and openness you will see a whole new life revealed to you.  

The definition in your BodyGraph is determined by the Neutrino field coming from the Sun, Moon, and Planets.  From there we can discover your strategy and inner authority for you to live you most authentic life.

Human Design is not a belief system, it is an experiment to be played with and see how your life unfolds in the most natural way for your soul in this lifetime.

What people are saying...

"When Mallory did a Human Design reading for me it was definitely an A-HA moment for me.  It was so interesting to hear that some of the personality traits that I struggle with are just how I am made.  The results of my design were so thought-provoking.  Not everything made sense for me now, but over time I seeing so many insights. Mallory was extremely helpful I providing a deep explanation of all the sections and was able to answer any questions to clear up any confusion I had.  I highly recommend having a design reading done by Mallory!"

- Jessica R. 


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