Natural Health

Health & Vitality is your Birthright

Your body is designed for health & vitality when given the proper foundation.

Here you learn how to stop masking symptoms and support the body in true healing, this is the Vitalistic approach to natural health.
What is Natural Health & Vitalism

Natural Health is a lifestyle where you support the body's inherent healing mechanisms. In my teachings we call this vitalism. This means instead of masking symptoms, from the every day cold to more chronic conditions, we go in to the root of the problem and support he body in its natural healing process.

In my Free & Educational Resources Community, I dive into all of the tools I use in my toolkit to keep myself and my family full of health & vitality!   It's a beautiful combination of essential oils, herbs, and looking at how your energy is designed to flow that that we can support your personal foundation.

My focus is everyday health and vitality for you and your family so that you feel empowered when all the little every day things come up that affect our health.  From a little cold, to skin health, to emotional support that's taking a toll on your physical body, we cover it all!  Think of me as your general practitioner in a vitalistic approach! 

In Vitalism there are 2 principles of health: Cleanse & Nourish, and 4 Pillars of Health; Mindset, Physical, Emotional, & Environmental.  Keep reading to learn more!

Cleanse & Nourish
The 2 Principles of Health
When working with healing the body the 2 principles are always cleanse & nourish. This goes for all layers of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional or environmental.  

Your first step will always be to cleanse.  Your body will not be able to heal on any level if we do not cleanse what is blocking energy from flowing.
After you've cleansed the next step is to nourish.  You nourish the body with what it needs to build that proper foundation.

Once we are cleansed and the foundation is laid then you and your family can live a life full of Heath & Vitality.

To learn more about how to Cleanse & Nourish, click the button below to access my Free Educational & Resources Community

Four Pillars of Health
Your Guide to Vitality
Thinking becomes your reality.

Your health starts with your mindset.  When you are able to develop your correct mindset that's the catalyst for Vitality.  Learn more about retraining you mind by joining my Free Education & Resources community below!

Taking care of your body systems.

Developing a basic understanding of how your physical body systems work empowers you to know what to do when they get out of balance.  Learn more about how your body works and how to support it naturally by joining my FREE Education & Resources Community below!

Being in your energetic flow.

You have an unique energetic flow.  When you understand how your energy is meant to operate you are able to start to live life with more ease and less resistance.  When your energy is able to flow you naturally come into a more healthful state of being. 

Living in a healthy environment 

You are the gatekeeper to your home.  You have the power to control what comes into your home and the energetic feel of your home.  Learn more about becoming ingredient savvy so you know what products will add to the health of your environment and what to say no to!
Dive deeper into the 4 Pillars and be empowered in each area of your health and the health of your family by joining my 
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Your Toolbox for Natural Health
There are so many tools I incorporate into my teachings to help you along your natural health journey, here are some of my favorites...
Essential Oils
Adding to your health, 
one drop at a time.

Essential oils are powerful healers for your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies.  With their small molecular structure they can penetrate your cell walls to bring deep cleansing and healing.

Healing from the source, 
Mother Earth

Herbal remedies are tried and true, offering your body the cleansing and nourishing it needs for health and vitality.  Since herbs are plants your body recognizes them and knows exactly how to use them for optimal healing..
Human Design
Unlocking your energetic blueprint

When energy flows with ease we are naturally at our healthiest.  When energy gets block it leads to dis-ease.  Human Design is an amazing blueprint to learn how your energy is meant to flow so you meant less resistance for a healthy life.

Moving your body for 
health & vitality

Yoga creates movement in your body so the physical systems keep flowing and keeps congestion from settling in. It helps to process emotions stored in the body and taps into our spiritual connection with the universe. All of this creates more health in the body.
Ready to dip your toes into a more natural lifestyle, be empowered when every day life aliments show up, and learn more about how your energetics are meant to flow?

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