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What Mallory specializes in


Yoga Asana and Yoga as a spiritual path has always spoke to Mallory's soul.  She has been consistently practicing yoga on and off the mat for over 20 years and teaching for over 10. You can practice with Mallory at Love Roots Yoga Shala located in Wrightwood, CA a quaint yoga studio she co-owns with 5 other amazing women.  

Malas & Meditation

After struggling for years to find a meditation practice Mallory could maintain, she learned how to make a mala and use it for meditation. As a very kinesthetic person having something tangible to focus her breath on greatly helped. In 2013 Mallory opened Ahimsa Jewels her gemstone Mala and Jewelry business.  

My mission is... 

to empower you to trust yourself. To take the lessons you learn on your yoga mat and in meditation and bring them into your everyday life because that's where true spirituality resides. I'm here to encourage and support you in your deconditioning process, release shadow patterns, and live a life that is authentically yours! 

What people are saying...
"Thank you Love Roots Yoga Shala for creating an enlightening and inclusive space.  Since joining Mallory’s classes I’ve noticed much improvement in my overall physical and mental well being. "
-Tracy B


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