21 Days of Gratitude Journal

Where focus goes energy flows, 
when we choose to focus on the blessings in our lives
more blessings appear

Cultivate a grateful heart and change your world

So many of us struggle with the mind running a million miles a minute which gets us a caught up in all the worries of life.  In Yoga we call this the Virttis, the fluctuations, of the mind. When in mind is overactive it can lead to anxiety and even down the dark hole of depression.  What I feel is missing for many of us is the simple practice of gratitude.  

When we cultivate the energy of of gratitude we find more of the blessings & joy in our lives which leads us to contentment.  In the yoga practice we call contentment, santosa, which is one of the guiding principles along the yoga path.

What's inside your 21 Day Gratitude Journal

Each day you will have a prompt to focus on and list 10 things you are grateful for in that area of your life.  Some days will be easy and the gratitude will flow, other days it may be hard to come up with even two things to be grateful for.  That's ok, sit with the process.  As we contemplate gratitude we naturally find more things to be grateful for, even in the difficult areas in our lives.

Included in each day is a notes section where you have space to write down any thoughts, feelings, intuitive hits, or realizations you have.  

Lastly spend 3-5 minutes sending love to three people in your life; one whom is easy to send love to, one who is neutral (like a person you saw walking down the road or cashier at the store), and one who is very challenging for you.  I've included a Heart Opening Metta Meditation with your Journal.  You can use it as often as you need when spending time sending your three people of the day love

Heart Opening Metta Meditation

When we open our hearts, especially to those who are challenging to us, we shift our world to a more accepting, loving, and peaceful place.

You can use this meditation to help send love to the three people you choose that day, you can use it once, everyday, or as often as you'd like.  

During this Meditation you will be using Young Living's Joy Essential oil.  If you have this oil please have it on hand as it help to support your heart with tuning to the frequency of love.  If you are not a Young Living customer and do not have this oil no worries, please still do the meditation the oil is not necessary  it's just an enhancer. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel called to purchasing this oil and joining our amazing Oily Love Team.

Enjoy and know that you are loved 💗

Start your gratitude practice today!  
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