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Your space to unlock the inner workings of your design on your own terms, pace, & space.

Join Vitality by Design to get a comprehensive education about all of the aspects of the Human Design Chart from a reliable source at an affordable price of only $22 for a LIFETIME membership to Vitality by Design!

What you get with your LIFETIME access to
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1. Continually growing library of videos covering each aspect of the Human Design Chart & Gene Keys

You will not only get access to the videos that apply to your chart, but also each different variation for that aspect of the chart so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the chart of your friends and family.

Your LIFETIME membership includes all of the current videos in the Library as well as all videos added in the future!

Videos currently inside the library...
Energy Type - understand how your aura interacts with the world around you 

Strategy  - understand how you're designed to interact with the world around you.

Authority - know where your intuition lies in your body so you know when and how it speaks to you.  When you understand how your authority works know how to make correct decisions for your life.

Signature - your signpost for knowing when you're operating in alignment.

Not-self Theme - your signpost for when you're operating out of alignment

Definition - understand how you're energy is designed to flow and where your strongest conditioning forces may lie.

Profile - this is the personality aspect of your human design chart so you can have an understanding of the custom you're designed to wear in this lifetime and a layer of the purpose you're here to fulfill.

Head Center Course - This course breaks down all of the different aspects of the Head Center, how it's designed to function when in alignment be it Defined, Undefined, or Open.  Each gate of the head center is also included!
2. Get access to ask Mallory questions

As a 5/1 Generator Mallory has a TON of wisdom and knowledge about many areas of Human Design, spirituality, natural health, and healing. 

There's a lot to unpack in the Human Design Chart which can be confusing and overwhelming so you have the opportunity to directly ask Mallory questions under each video for deeper understanding & clarification.
3. Access to the Vitality by Design Private Community

Walking through your Human Design journey can be a lonely road. You may not have many people in your physical life that are on the same path of self-discovery and decondioning as you are.

Which is why Vitality by Design has a community space.  Where you can ask questions, share insights & experiences through your journey and connect with others living an aligned life.

Get LIFETIME membership to
 Vitality by Design 
for a onetime payment of $22

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