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"Beginner's Guide to Aligned Energy Centers"

In this guide I breakdown guideposts for each energy center, Defined and Undefined, so you can know if you are operating in alignment within each of your 9 energy centers.

There are also contemplation questions included for each Energy Center.  This is the perfect way to start your de-conditioning process and come back into alignment with how you're designed to be in this lifetime.

So often transformation starts on the mental plane. You need to first learn, then contemplate, and finally through divine inspiration implement those transformational teachings.

Are you ready to...

Dive Deep into Human Design & Gene Keys. 

Have a deeper understanding of yourself and those in your life.

Learn how to decondition and be free of your shadow patterns.

Do the work to transform your life.

Follow your Inner Authority 

Learn all of the different aspects of the Human Design Chart.

Explore how the different Gene Keys show up in your life.

Be able to connect with other's working on Embracing their Design.

Mallory created the 
Vitality by Design Library & Community 
for you!
Inside you'll find...

  • New additions to the library every month
  • Educational videos on all of the aspects of the Human Design Chart
  • Mallory's contemplations of the Gene Keys
  • Yoga flows to help ground these teachings into your physical body
  • Natural Health suggestions to support your journey
  • Journal & workbooks to help contemplate 
  • Grace for all of your ups and downs along with path
  • A supportive community to ask questions


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