Mala, derived from the Sanskrit word 'mālā,' translates to 'garland,' symbolizing the interconnectedness of each bead in the string, much like the unity of breaths or mantras in meditation.

A mala is a string of beads used in meditation and prayer. Originating from ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the mala serves as a tool to help practitioners count mantras or breaths during meditation. Each bead represents a repetition of a mantra or a cycle of breath, guiding the practitioner into a deeper state of mindfulness and concentration.

What is the Significance of 108 beads

The number 108 holds profound significance and symbolism across various spiritual traditions and cultures.

1 represents yourself as an individual.
0 represents, nothingness
8 represents infinity and that we are all interconnected.
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Benefits of meditating with a Mala:
  • Makes meditation easier to ground and calm the mind.
  • Gives you something tangible to focus on.
  • Allow you to come to the end of a meditation without thinking about time.
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