Cultivating an  Aligned Head Center 

Discover how you can finally have mental clarity so that you know what is important for you to think about without your mind spiraling into overwhelm, doubt, confusion, and anxiety.

The first step in your Human Design Journey is to decondition your Energy Centers.  

Starting with the Head Center is KEY because the mind is so powerful and when not operating in alignment it will rule your life; causing you to make incorrect decisions and make you feel like you're going crazy with anxiety, confusion, worry, and doubt.

Deconditioing your Head Center is the most effective way to start your Human Design Journey so your mind can finally take a back seat and you can actually start to follow your Strategy and Authority.

  • Get an in-depth introduction of purpose of the Head Center in the Human Design Chart
  • Learn about the differences in how a Defined, Undefined, and Open Head Center operate
  • Start to bring awareness to if your head center is operating in a Healthy or Unhealthy State
  • Gain an understanding of how your own personal Head Center is designed to operate
  • Become the master of your Head Center instead of your Head Center being the master of you.

Take care of your mind, trust your body!

  • Mental Health issues continue to be on the rise so learn a different way to using your mind so it no longer controls your life.
  • Deconditioning takes time, which is why you have lifetime access to this workshop!  Take your time and come back to it again and again.
  • When you start your dnconditoing process with the mind you start with your biggest barrier to following your own true authority.

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with this being the first time I'm offering this workshop you get in at the introductory price of only $22

As a Bonus for enrolling in the Aligned Head Center workshop

You'll receive videos breaking down each of the Gates of the Head Center so you can gain a deeper understanding and awareness of how your energy is designed to operate within your own gate.



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2 Hour (maybe a bit longer!) online workshop via Zoom covering:

  1. Introduction to the Head Center
  2. Defined Head Center
  3. Undefined Head Center
  4. Open Head Center
  5. How to support your physical body in bringing your Head Center into Alignment
  6. Time for Q&A at the end
  7. Lifetime access 
All for only $22

Extra Bonuses: Get access to my videos breaking down each Gate of the Head Center to deeper your understanding and deconditioning process

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