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Your space to unlock the inner workings of your design on your own terms, pace, & space.

I'm here for YOU.

Ready to understand your Human Design Chart so that you can better understand yourself, your loved ones, and live in alignment ... without paying thousands of dollars... then Vitality by Design Library is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why join?

You want to understand your Human Design Chart and those of your loved ones so that you can honor yourself as your uniquely design as well as those in your life but all of the detailed information seems to be locked behind high-ticket courses and training or geared more towards en but not how to use Human Design in your everyday life.

When you join Vitality by Design
  • You’ll get a access to a continually growing Library covering each element of the Human Design Chart

  • Currently You'll learn about all the different
    • Energy Types
    • Strategy
    • Authority
    • Signature
    • Not-self themes
    • Definitions 
    • Profiles
  • You have the opportunity to connect with others on their Human Design journey
  • You’ll easily be able to ask questions and get answers directly from me

  • You won’t have to worry about being led astray in the information.  I teach very traditional Human Design knowledge and have done extensive research (5/1 generator that's what I do, research and teach!)

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