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Once you have an understanding of your Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Signature, and Not-self Themes (all of these videos you can access for free through the links in your personal chart) the next step is to understand your Definition.

Profile is very basically your personality type in Human Design.  It is the beginning stages of the purpose you're here to fill in this lifetime.  Profile is kind of like the costume you're here to wear in this lifetime and as you go through your deconditioning process you're able to step into your Profile more and more.

Join the "Vitality by Design" membership to get access to this video as well as all 5 Definition type videos and an in-depth intro of what definition is and how it affects the energy flow in your chart.

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This is the perfect option to not only learn more about the different aspects of your chart but the charts of other people in your life.  When we understand how a person is meant to operate we are able to accept and have compassion for them on a whole other level.


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