My Favorite Books

A list of all my favorite Books from Human Design, Gene Keys, Natural Health and More!
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Human Design
My personal favorite book written by Lynda Bundle, long time student of Ra Uru Hu's and Director of the International Human Design School.
Ra had a large hand in bringing this book into form as well.

This books goes over the background of Human Design, Energy Types, Energy Centers, Authority, Strategy, Definitions, Circuits, Channels, Gates, Profiles, Incarnation Crosses, & Hexagrams.

Gene Keys
A compilation of all the different Gene Keys books by Richard Rudd - 
founder of the Gene Keys

Richard's original transmissions of all 64 Gene Keys and includes an introduction and background of where the Gene Keys come from.

Richard's personal contemplations of each Gene Key. Takes another look at them through his own lens of experience.

Learn how to incorporate Contemplation into your spiritual practice and everyday life.

Part 1 of the Golden Path:
Activation Sequence

Part 2 of the Golden Path:
Venus Sequence

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Books to Support your Deconditioning Process

If you experience your mind going crazy I highly recommend this one to help decondition and get control of your Head & Ajna centers so they don't run your life and you can bring them back into alignment

More coming soon!

More coming soon!

Natural Health
Coming Soon!

Want to dive deeper into your design?

Book an 'Embrace your Design' session with Mallory
Embrace your Design Sessions will combine Human Design and the Gene Keys so you can recognize conditioning patterns when they arise and have tools to release them.  

Finally start the process of living your life with ease and flow.


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