How Human Design can help you step into
your Purpose

Before stepping into your purpose you need to first understand where your greatest deconditioning work lies.

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Profile Bundle:

If you want to be able to fulfill your Purpose in this lifetime, understanding your Profile is your starting point.  Your Profile is basically your personality type in Human Design and when you finally show up unhindered by conditioning we show up as our true personality and start to fulfill your purpose.

In this series you gain access to:

  • In-depth introduction video of where Profile comes from in the Human Design chart.
  • How to start embracing the energy of your Profile
  • Video for all 12 different Profile types, so that you'll not only understand your Profile and what makes you tick but also the profiles for those in your life.
Definition Bundle 

Understanding how your energy centers are defined in your chart gives you great insight on where some of your biggest conditioning factors are held that's keeping you from living out your Purpose in this lifetime.

In the Definition Series you get access to:

  • In-depth introduction to what Definition means and why it's so important in your Human Design Chart.
  • How to understand your Definition and why it matters so much 
  • Where your biggest potential for conditioning lies so you can bring awareness to those energies and no longer let them control your life.
  • Gain accèss to all 5 Definition Type videos so you can not only understand yours but also those in your life!

I'm ready to release what's holding me back and step into my Purpose!

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