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Now, I know there is A LOT of information in this membership, but like with anything in life just take it in one step at a time!

If you haven't already I recommend downloading the Vitality by Design Roadmap.pdf I've put together for you so you know where to start until you get comfortable using this platform and can take flight on your own!

For your immediate next step I highly recommend downloading the "AttractWell app" onto your phone.  AttractWell is the website hosting platform that I use and when you download their app you can use the same Login credentials you created for Vitality by Design and then be able to access easily on your phone and get notifications for chats and new videos released!

Watch the video below for a walk through on how to download and set up the AttractWell app to access Vitality by Design.

Here is a list of aspects of the Human Design Chart that are currently available in the Vitality by Design Library: 
  • Energy Types
  • Authorities
  • Strategy for each Energy Type
  • Signatures for each energy Type
  • Not-self Themes for each energy Type
  • Definitions
  • Profiles
When learning about your Human Design Chart or the Chart of someone else's I always recommend starting with the Energy Type, Strategy, & Authority to get a foundational understanding of how their energy is designed to operate.  From there you can always just go down the list of aspects as I have them in the Vitality by Design Library or explore in whatever order you wish!

Before you head off and explore all of the videos in the Library make sure to take a moment and introduce yourself in the Community Chat.  We'd love to meet you if you feel called.  You can tell us your Energy Type, Authority, & Profile and what you want to get out of this membership!

If you have any issues please email myself and team at support@malloryriess.com providing you valuable content and amazing customer service is of upmost importance to me so please reach out!

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