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Thank you so much for stopping by my home here on the web! I'm Mallory Riess and it is my passion to help you find health in your home.  For me health means many things and for each one of us it is a very unique process of creating a healthy and happy home for everyone in the family.  

As you peruse my website you'll find tons of DIY's to help you ditch and switch products in your home so there are no questionable chemicals lurking around, yoga videos to help move and settle the body, wellness tips for the whole family, and Human Design; the tool that brought me back to myself and changed my life.  

I am always adding new healing modalities and tools to my tool kit that helps me keep my family full of health and vibrancy so come back often because I love sharing my amazing finds with you! 

Shift your mindset to shift your life! 

Snag my free morning gratitude journal + Metta Meditation & stay in the know for all of the amazing updates I have coming your way! One of the fundamental practices to improve your mental health is focusing on gratitude every day. Use this journal and accompanying meditation to help you write down 10 things you're grateful for everyday, commit to this practice for at least 21 days and watch your life shift.


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Mallory Riess
San Diego, CA