How Human Design can help to Balance your Hormones!
This one is more for the ladies, but for my men subscribers there may be some insights for you too because no matter your gender we all have hormones and when not living in alignment they get out of wack.

Ever since I had my daughter I've experinenced symptoms of PMS, mostly mental for me.  Those few days leading up to when Aunt Flow comes to visit were filled with negative self talk (which usually doesn't fill my head), feeling very lethargic, crying a ton, and almost, dare I say... depressed. 😬

It was a weird phenomena for me, and I did all of the natural things I knew to do.  Ate whole food, took my supplements, used all of my hormone balancing oils.  They definitely helped but still I knew my hormones were off.

So I just kind of accepted it, I knew to be aware that those few days before were not going to be great in terms of mental health and it was a lesson in allow those feelings in, fully feeling them instead of running away, and knowing that they would pass.

So what does all of this have to do with Human Design?

Well, ever since starting to dive into this system I'd read that the Energy Centers and Gates of the Human Design System correlate to different parts and systems of the body and the body's hormones.

In fact, hormones drive and regulate most of the body in different ways, I won't get into all of that know because it will just make this email even longer 😅

For the last month I have been personally working on deconditioning my Head Center and intentanially living in alignment with how mine is desgined to operate. 

What I've noticed is, my mind does not get carried away with itself and all of the crazy thoughts which makes my mental health so much better.  My mind is clearer.  Following my Strategy and Authority is easier because I know I don't need to take action on all of the thoughts my mind thinks up.  I feel such a relief of all of the mental pressure!

Besides my mental health being so much better in general, those few days before Aunt Flow came to visit I didn't have any of my usual PMS symptoms.  The physical fatigue wasn't there, I wasn't snapping at my family, and I wasn't crying for three days, and doing that downward depressive spiral in my mind.

The first day of the visit I had such a pep in my step I even did a cardio workout!

For me it was just a testament to the power of living how you personally are designed.  When we honor our energy life starts to come into balance.

If you'd like to learn more about the Head Center and work through your own deconditioning process around this center I'll be hosting an "Aligned Head Center Workshop" at the end of next month.  Be the first to know when it's happening and get all of the details by signing up for the waitlist here!

With love,


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