Deconditioning takes 7 years...

Deconditioning takes 7 years...
Human Design is not a quick fix to get you to your highest self.  It is a process, it is a journey.

It takes 7 years for you to fully release the conditioing that no longer serves you and strip away the layers that are not you so that you can uncover that which is truly and energetically you.

Unless you were fortunate enough to be raised by caregivers that knew Human Design and were actively in their own Human Design experiment the odds that you were raised according to your design and truly respected as you are, is slim.  Now, this is no fault of your caregivers, they simply didn't know.  Human Design wasn't a system until 1987 and even after Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) received this information it took him the next 20 years of his life to get it out into the world.

Now, over 30 years later I think this system is finally getting some traction and maybe the future generations to come will finally be raised according to their design.  I know I am doing my very best to honor my children's design and respect them according to how their energy operates.

Since the likely hood of you being raised according to how you are deigned is slim let me explain why it takes a full 7 years (if not more) to decondition.

Human Design works at a cellular and genetic level.  The Gates of the the Human Design chart are connected to your DNA and the frequency that you live in those activations will affect the health of your DNA. As we experiment with our Design and surrender to Strategy and Authority this fundamentally changes and heals your cells, bringing them back to their true state and how they were designed to function.

It takes the body about 7 years to fully regenerate all the cells in the body that can be regenerated. 

When you first start your Human Design journey you have no proof that it will work.  That life can flow with a little more ease.  This does not mean hard things don't happen or you don't have to "work" for anything, but it does mean that what is truly correct for you will come to you.  You don't have to push, struggle, and exhaust yourself for something that is not in alignment for you any more.  You can be the person you came here to be in this lifetime and release what everyone else has told you, you need to be.

But all of this takes time and ultimately surrender to your Strategy and Authority.

I've been in my experiment for 2.5 years and just in this short time I have released so much that used to cause me stress, anxiety, and trying to always prove my worth.

It all start with allowing yourself to release what is not you.  In Human Design you are not trying to be someone else, you are really not trying to "improve", you releasing what is not you so the REAL you can shine.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. We are each here to be a unique being with a unique path and expression of life.  Honor yourself, be uniquely you.  

Give yourself patience and grace in the process, because in a world of everything happening so fast, this process takes time and that's okay.  There is no rush, everything happens in divine timing.

I am here for you.  I am here to help teach you about your own design so you may live the life that is truly correct for you.  I am here to support you in whatever way I can during your journey.  

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With love,