Taking care of your physical body is vital to living in alignment.

Recently I started back on track of the Master Herbalist program I signed up for months ago.  Life got in the way and it kept getting pushed to the back of the pile.  I also feel like I wasn't quite in the state to move on with my studies.  More work needed to be done on myself before I could go onto the next class which was all about nutrition and "Eating to Live"

Food has been such a strong conditioning force in my life.  It has been what I've used to self sooth and deal with my undefined Solar Plexus center.  Hi, I'm Mallory and I'm an emotional eater.

Having worked on so much of my deconditioning especially around the Heart Center and releasing feelings of needing to prove myself and stop making promises has been huge for my mental health and also starting my journey of healing my relationship with food.

What I've come to realize is that I genuinely want to take care of my physical body for many reasons, but through my Human Design studies and following Strategy and Authority I've learned that this is the upmost importance.

Think about Human Design for a min and where your Authority lies. For most of us, with the exception of mental projectors and reflectors, our authority lies in an energy center located within the body.  Remember the Head or Ajna center is NEVER an authority.  

It is our physical form that makes the decisions for us. And our attraction field is held in the G center so this attracts to us what we receive in life through the 3D plane we live on.  

So after much pondering and contemplation it has made me realize how important it is to have a clean and healthy body.  If my body is not cleansed how can I possibly be receiving all of its signals correctly?

Now for my mental projectors and reflectors, even though your authority is environmental or follows the lunar cycle you still use your body's mechanics more than your mind to feel through the process to make your decisions. These are not mental decisions.  So I would venture to say it is even more important for you to have a clean physical form to really be able to "read" the energy field around you.

Ok so where do you start on your health journey.  There are so many places and sometimes food in not the place because soooooo much conditioning is held in this area of our lives.

But if you are in a space and your authority is telling you food is the place for you to start here are a couple of books I recommend... you can snag these form your local Library or get them on amazon (links provided and yes I do get a small commission)

First up "Eat to Live:"  you can click on the image to order from Amazon.  This book written for Americans but can be applied to just about any wealthy country today and breaks down why we are so chronically ill.  For me chronic illness comes in two forms... not taking care of our physical form and not operating in alignment with how we are energetically designed to.  Dr. Fuhrman does advocate for a mainly plant based diet and does a good job arguing why it is important for the body to operate correctly through eating primarily plants.

I will also include that with 2027 coming and the eventual breakdown of the 49th gate I do think that it is important for us to be adopting a more plant based diet, but this is a blog post for another day.  If there is a ton of interest in this please leave me a comment below and I may be able to bump it up on my priory list to talk about.

The next book that has been a huge help for me in connecting why taking care of the physical form is important is "Transfiguration Diet". I love that the tag line for this book is: "Your Genetic Characteristics CAN be reprogramed" I feel this on a deep level of my soul and Human Design also backs this up from an energetic standpoint.  This book also focuses on a more plant based diet of Whole Foods and also goes into how eating this way supports us at a genetic level.

From all of the research I've done and experiences I've received just because you have a genetic disposition from something does not mean that gene will be triggered and you will end up with that health aliment. Seriously a good read.  Click on the image below to order from amazon or check it our from your library.

All of this is just the starting point.  My intention is to offer more of my research, findings, obervations, and experiences around how being mindful of your physical health will benefit your Human Design experiment and vice versa.

Stay tuned and have a great rest of your day!

With light and love,