Fall Spice Sugar Scrub

Fall Spice Sugar Scrub
Embrace the Fall vibes with this yummy Fall Spice Sugar Scrub.

Adding in a sugar scrub to your weekly self-care routine is an amazing way of not only keeping your skin healthy, but also taking care of your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems!  The soft gentle strokes of scrubbing help the body to pump the lymphatic fluids as well as move the blood. Our bodies always thank us with extra health and vibrancy when we give them a little love!

The combo of organic coconut oil & raw cane sugar is perfect for exfoliating away those dead and dry skin cells leaving your skin, OH SO SMOOTH!  We then add in the amazing benefits of Orange & Thieves essential oils that re-create that amazing fall aroma as well as give our body tons of healing benefits.  Orange wonderful at uplifting moods which can start to get a little down as we have less and less sunlight here in the northern hemisphere, so if your prone to seasonal emotional health this is a great oil to add into your life.  Thieves is remarkable at aiding our immune system and keeping our blood flowing with ease!

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