Your Starting point to understanding the Human Design Chart

When you first looked at your Human Design chart did you have a moment of 😅 what is going on here?

I know, there is A LOT going on in the chart, this is because Human Design is a synthesis of both ancient modalities (Astrology, Hindu Chakra system, Chinese I-Ching, and Kabbalah Tree of Life) and modern sciences (quantum physics, astrophysics, and genetics).

So keep reading and I'll give you a quick break down of where each of the aspects of the Human Design chart mean and where they come from.

Let's start with a visual, when you run your chart on my website it will look something like this...


Let's start with the purple and pink columns on each side of the Chart.  These relate to astrology and are the placements of the planets in the gates of your body graph. The placement of the planets at the time of your birth matters because it is the neutrino field passing through the planets at the time that imprints your energy dynamics on your (this is where astrophysics comes in!).  To understand how that is mapped out I just uploaded a video to YouTube explaining that so you can check it out here:


The gates, which are all of those numbers running around both in the columns and energy centers come from the Chinese I-Ching.  There are 64 of them total which also corresponds to the 64 codons we have in our DNA structure (hello genetics). Each energy Center houses different gates and they are the different ways that energy center's energy can be expressed.

Energy Centers

The 9 energy centers in the Human Design Chart derive from the 7 energy centers in the Hindu Charka system. In 1781 we had an evolutionary shift and our energy centers evolved from 7 to 9 which ultimately changed how we were designed to operate.  Our 7 centered counterparts were designed to listen solely to utter authority, where as we as 9 centered beings are designed to listen solely to our own inner authority to make decisions.


All of those lines running between the energy centers and connecting the gates to one another.  These channels from from the Kabbalah Tree of Life and hold their own energy which is a quantum of the gates on either side of the channel that makes up that channel. This is one of the areas of the chart where quantum physics comes in.  When each gates is active on either side of the channel it creates a quantum energy where the energy shifts and that energy is greater than the sum of its parts.

Okay if you've read this far that means you're a total champ and my people for geeking out over Human Design so much.

If this lead you to even more questions don't worry, that happens!

Stay tuned because next week I'm FINALLY launching Vitality by Design my monthly membership where we have a community space to answer ALL of your questions!

Have a great rest of your week, bye for now!

With love,

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