The 45th Gene Key: Embracing Synergy and Transcending Shadow Dominance

The 45th Gene Key: Embracing Synergy and Transcending Shadow Dominance
In the intricate tapestry of Gene Keys, the 45th Gene Key is a gateway to deep personal transformation and collective evolution. This extraordinary gene key takes us on a profound journey through three distinct frequencies: the Shadow of Dominance, the Gift of Synergy, and the Siddhi of Communion. Each frequency offers unique insights and opportunities for growth, enabling us to transcend limitations and embrace the highest expressions of our potential. In this blog post, we explore these frequencies and present a meditation to invoke the Gift of Synergy and envision a world guided by synergy-conscious leaders.

The Shadow of Dominance:

The journey begins with the Shadow of Dominance, where our egoic tendencies for control and power play out in our lives. In this frequency, we may find ourselves engaged in power struggles, seeking dominance over others, or succumbing to manipulative behaviors. The Shadow of Dominance stems from unresolved fears and wounds, leading to disconnection and disharmony in our relationships and communities.

The Gift of Synergy:

As we delve deeper into our personal growth, the Gene Keys offer us the Gift of Synergy as a transformative pathway. This frequency invites us to move away from dominance and embrace the power of collaboration, cooperation, and harmonious relationships. The Gift of Synergy teaches us that by recognizing and valuing the unique gifts and perspectives of others, we can tap into a collective intelligence that far surpasses our individual capabilities. This frequency empowers us to co-create and manifest outcomes that honor the interconnectedness of all beings.

The Siddhi of Communion:

The final frequency in the journey through the 45th Gene Key is the Siddhi of Communion. At this level of consciousness, we transcend the limitations of the ego and experience profound unity with all that is. Communion is a state of deep connection and harmony, where we recognize the divinity within ourselves and others. In this frequency, we experience a heightened sense of empathy, compassion, and love, inspiring us to serve the greater good and contribute to the upliftment of humanity.

Below you can find a meditation designed to invoke the Gift of Synergy and Envisioning Synergy-Conscious Leaders

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Roots & Wings - A yoga flow and contemplation

Roots & Wings - A yoga flow and contemplation
Sometimes it simply takes getting back to your Roots in order to Grow your Wings and finally take flight...

Young Living's convention just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and the theme was Roots & Wings, which was such a great reminder for me that I needed to get back to my own roots and rebuild my foundation so that I can grow my wings and take flight.

If you're familiar with Human Design my profile is a 5/1 and that second number (in my case the 1) is your unconscious personality, the personality that you're kinda aware of but at the same time not at all.  The first number is your conscious personality, the one that usually you really resonate with.  I'm not going to dive into all of the profiles and numbers at this time, but if that's something you're interested in leave me a comment below, when I get enough interest then we can take a dive into all that good stuff!

Now, back to that 1 in my profile... whenever we are talking about 1st lines, in both Human Design and the Gene Keys, we are always talking about the foundation, so anyone with a 1 in their profile needs to lay a solid foundation.  As I have been walking my de-conditioning path I have found this to be so true.  I am able to tap back into my true essence and find my confidence when I feel solid in my foundation and this takes growing DEEP roots.  Growing deep roots back into the core of myself; tapping back into my innate power, wisdom, and worthiness.

For every convention Young Living creates an Essential oil blend (this year 2!) to honor the intention behind that year's theme.  I love this because it is a way for me to keep working with that energy that was cultivated throughout convention. This year they created two blends Roots and Wings. 

While I was sitting one morning inhaling and sitting with the oils I was inspired to put together a Roots & Wings Yoga Flow as my way of grounding this intention in my physical body. Grounding energy down into my physical body is one of the way I process, this comes from that 1st line in my profile.

So, whether you have these oils are not, I'd love for you go join me in my interpretation of this energy through yoga.

All you need yourself, a mat, and a little space to move.

Now, let's ground into your Roots so that we may grow our Wings and Fly!

I hope that this flow empowered you as much as it did myself!

In most of my yoga flows I used essential oils because they simply add another layer of healing and energy into the physical practice.

Mary Young the CEO and Co-Founder of Young Living Essential Oils explains the intention of the Roots Blend best in this little clip from Convention...

As she says, the intention for the Roots Oil Blend is to reconnect you back to the root of who YOU are and release the conditioning from the outside world. 

Roots contains:

  • Balm of Gilead - which in ancient times was one of the most highly prized oils in the world for health and healing, it was even termed 'Liquid Gold'. and literally worth more than gold!
  • Grand Fir - Grown on Young Living's Highland Flats farm is known for it's emotionally refreshing quality (if you've ever spent some time around conifer or evergreen trees you know the energy I'm writing about!). It brings a calm and peaceful quality allowing you the space to sink back inside yourself.
  • Angelic - a sacred oil of protection and renewal
  • Cistus - which helps you to connect you back to your intuition and deep inner knowing.  This will awaken your inner awareness so you know where your roots need to grow the most.
  •  Myrrh - cleaning and purifying to help you release what is not you which brings an uplifting energy and promotes great joy back into yourself!
  • Sacred Frankincense - helps you to be equal parts grounded in yourself and interconnected to all beings in this universe.
The Aroma of the Roots blend is soft and earthy just as it should be!

Wings Essential Oil Blend is our way to renew the soul and physical body to take flight.

Wings contains the following oils:

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce & Idaho Blue Spruce - to bring grounding and support
  • Sacred Frankincense & Myrrh - to anchor your deep broad roots to stay grounded in your purpose and life path
  • Sacred Sandalwood, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, German Chamomile, Angelica - to help you flower
  • Tangerine, Orange, Melissa, and Rose - to uplift the heart and soul while you fulfill your purpose and create the life of your dreams.
Wow, some powerful oils!  If you're not already a Young Living Customer of mine and would like to  snag these oils and really dive into how Essential oils can support your health and spiritual journey head on over to my link and you can grab one or both of these oils!

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Now what they heck is PV? Well, Young Living is a global company so think if PV as it's currency. If you're here in the US then the PV amount will usually be the dollar amount after you've unlocked the 24% discount.  Still confused?  Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email, I'd be happy to answer any questions!

Have the best day my friend and go out, ground into your roots, so that you too may grow your wings and FLY!