Transmuting Shame into Understanding

Transmuting Shame into Understanding

Transmuting Shame into Understanding Meditation

We all hold shame, unfortunately it is something most of us learn as small children as well as being passed down through generations so it is literally held in our DNA.

This shame keeps us from connecting to others and keeps us from following our heart's calling because with shame brings feelings of unworthiness. 

So much of my own shame has manifested in my parenting. I struggle so much with being a parent, it is the hardest job I've ever undertaken.  My children are still small and as a very practical person who loves logic and reason this has been a challenge to understand and accept that my small children do not move from practicality and logic.  From this has manifested deep feelings of unworthiness and kept me from connecting with so many other moms whom seem to just love simply being a mom.

To work though these feelings of shame we must first fully feel them because when we surrender and allow ourselves to feel that is there that's when the light on the other side shines through and that light is understanding.

This light shine the understanding of ourselves, why we do what we do, where our struggles lie, why we react the way we do, why we hold ourselves back, why we feel unworthy of the things that call out out our hearts and souls, the list goes on and on...

Understanding our shame allows us to start the process of accepting ourselves just as we are without needing to change a thing.  The first step in true self love is to simply allow yourself to be.  Breath all of you in, every gift and every imperfection. 

When we feel into our own shame it gives us understanding of the source of that shame, from here we are able to learn and eventually grow and become a more whole and loving person.

Not only does this understanding help us to truly see our own self and our worthiness but it helps to open our hearts so we may more fully be able to see others. To understand why they struggle. To allow ourselves to accept people for who they are, in the place that they are because we all share so many of the same wounds.

So join me in this simple meditation of allowing the shame to be there, recognizing it, and ultimately gaining deep understanding from it.

You are worthy just as you are right in this moment no matter how much shame is held in your heart and body.  Take a small step to start the work of looking at your shadows for deep inner healing.

During this meditation we will be using the mantra:

"I learn from all of life's experiences" 

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