The Beauty in "Waiting to Respond" - experiences from a Human Design Generator

The Beauty in "Waiting to Respond" - experiences from a Human Design Generator
As a Generator my strategy is "wait to respond."   Oh, how hard that lesson has been...  but at the same time how much life is opening up for me in more ease and flow. 

We are raised in a society that teaches us to got out and "make it happen."  The conditioning force is strong in the collective.  But here's the thing only about 9% or the population is actually suppose to go out and "make it happen."  Those are our Manifestors.  Now the rest of us... the rest of us are suppose to wait.  Wait to respond, wait for an invitation, wait the lunar cycle.  Ugh, who wants to freaking wait!

I've been walking through my Human Design journey for almost 2 years now, and I'm just starting to get this "wait to respond" thing, and how it really does create more ease and flow in my life.

Let me give you a super mundane and everyday life example if the beauty in waiting to respond...

We've recently taken on the project of re-organzing the garage and bought all new totes from Costco since the old ones were faded, starting to break and because Ryan has that Outer Vision (he is designed to like what he sees) and I feel that Lakshmi energy when everything looks pretty we bought all matching totes.

Well our old totes have been sitting in a pile in the garage.  No real reason, I could have totally posted them on our local "Buy Nothing" group but I didn't, I waited... and Waited, and waited a little more (probably about 3 weeks) then yesterday one of my friends whose really active in the community posted that she is starting to collect good condition clothing to start a community clothing swap so that we can all get access to free cloths and especially serve the foster children in our community. Seriously can't tell you what a good person this women is!

So of course she's asking for clothing, but then she also was asking for storage totes and clothing racks.  This was perfect, I was so glad I waited to respond.  I messaged her right away that I had so many totes she could have.

Of course I could have gotten rid of all those totes much sooner (maybe) had I posted them, but I'm so happy I wanted to respond instead of taking immediate action.  But me waiting, that allowed me to give those totes to an amazing woman with an amazing mission. One day I definitely want to run her design, totally curious if she's a Manifestor!

Just a simple every day example of how things naturally do work out when you wait to respond as a Human Design Generator energy type.

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I'd love to hear how following your strategy has helped bring more ease and flow into your life!  Drop your stories in the comments!