YES, Essential Oils are Safe for Babies!

YES, Essential Oils are Safe for Babies!
YES!  Essential Oils are Safe for Babies!

Keep on reading or watch the video above to learn how to confidently use them with your babes and ditch all the other junk that's on the market.

There has been so much fear mongering around using essential oils on babies, it simply breaks my heart because it's just ignorance.  Using oils with my babies has given me such a sense of empowerment and I know it can for you too.   

Let's start off at the source...
Where you get your oils matters.  Did you know that there is more lavender oil produced each year than lavender plants on the planet available to make that oil?  Shocking right?

How can this be possible.  Well, many companies will cut their oils with fillers. Here's the thing, there are no regulations when it comes to essential oils (which don't get me wrong I'm not really opposed of because I think most things are over regulated) but when you have companies that don't truly care about your health this becomes a problem because they don't have to disclose what those fillers are.

This is why my loyalty lies with a brand that hold the same values as I do.  One that care about the health of my family as much as I do, that cares for Mother Earth with mindful farming practices like using living soil, and loves to empower people with a different, more empowered way of living.  

The only essential oils I use are Young Living (YL). This is of their Seed to Seal promise.  All of the plants their essential oils are derived from either come from YL's  owned farms or fully vetted partner farms with an open door policy so you can even visit and see the ins and outs of their farming practices first hand. I've been to 3 of the 20+ farms myself and they are truly magical!  

YL also distills all of their oils in house and does vigorous testing to make sure that each oil batch will offer the most healing and support for you body.

Because Young Living offers such care and concern for the health and well-being of your family these are truly the safest oils on the market for you sweet little babe!

How to Use Essential Oils with Babies

Low and Slow, this is key!

Now you're probably asking, ok what does that mean?

Let's go over the 3 ways we use oils and what Low and Slow would look like for each.

1. Topically

Simple, always dilute your oils and use much less than you would for an adult or older child. 

For example if you want to use some lavender on your babies back or feet for a calming baby massage just add a 1 drop of Lavender to a tsp spoon amount of carrier oil.  And simply watch their response to that amount of oil then you can go from there.

The biggest thing to remember is that their noses are smaller and work much better than ours so a small amount of oil on that little body will be more than enough.

2. Aromatically 

Allow them to enjoy the aroma of an oil by applying a drop to yourself so you turn into a human diffuser.  This also works great if a toddler is having a melt down and doesn't want to apply oils to help emotionally regulate.

In a diffuser... start off with 2-3 drops and see how it goes. If baby seems fine you can add a couple more next time and find your family's sweet spot.

3. Internally

With a babe I would't be giving oils internally unless under very specific circumstances.  For an older child or adult Young Living's oils are more an safe to ingest but for a tiny baby that may pack a little too much of a punch.  Now if they do accidentally inject a drop or two I wouldn't stress just give them some mama milk or a bottle and they'll be just fine, they just may cry because it tastes awful! 

What is a Carrier Oil?

Any fatty oil, such as:
  • Coconut
  • Olive
  • Rosehip
  • Grapeseed
  • the list goes on.
When we use a carrier oil with an essential oil it helps to slow the rate the essential oil penetrates the body, which is perfect for your brand new baby!

What oils to be cautious of...
First any super "spicy" or "hot" oils.  For example: Cinnamon, oregano, peppermint, etc...
Now I would not say stay completely away from them as sometimes those spicy oils are exactly what you need to kick a sniffle or something like that to the curb.  If you need to put a more spicy oil on your baby like Thieves because you're trying to help their body to work through something, simply use more carrier oil if you're applying topically or put a couple less drops in the diffuser than you normally put.  Again super simple!

My Favorite Oils for Babes

Young Living has an amazing line of oils that are prediluted and ready to rock and roll for your baby and they all come in the "Little Oilers Bundle" with the CUTEST Owl Diffuser!

Here are my go-to oils that are in this bundle...

TummyGize - unsettled, unhappy baby and you know it's because their tummy is bothering them, this will be your bestie!  It's pre-dulited with coconut oil, but if your babe is less than 3 months I'd dilute a little more. Simply rub clockwise around the tummy!

SnifflEase - Sniffles are such a bummer, your little can't breath, snots going everywhere, its just hard on everyone. Help your little get those airways opened up when their sniffling away. This is a great one to apply to the chest or put in the diffuser!

Owie - The goal is too not have too many "owies" at the start of life, but things happen and older siblings happen.  If your little babe gets a small scratch or bump just apply a small amount to the affected area. This is my go-to to help the skin heal up really quick and it keeps all those germs at bay.  If the owie is on the hand (you know when you cut those teeny tiny nails a little too close 😬) definitely put one of the hand mitts on because this one will not taste the best when they go to inevitably chew on their hands.

SleepyIze - at this stage of life we could all use more sleep.  The soft and sweet aroma will help everyone calm and settle into at least a few hours of sleep!  My favorite is to apply a drop on the bottoms of each foot.

GeneYus - We all want our kiddos to be healthy but health is not just in the body but in the mind as well.  Set your little up for good cognition with GeneYus.  This oil is geared more towards the kiddos in school to help them focus, but if your baby is on the brink of hitting a milestone this can help them reach it with a little more ease and flow! You can apply a little behind each ear!

If you're not oiling yet, have littles at home, and want a simple place to start this bundle is perfect for you.  

Snag it here: Little Oilers Bundle

Become a customer of mine and I'll help guide you into the wonderful world of Young Living, essential oils, and overall natural health.  There is some much confidence and empowerment to have when we learn how we can take care of our bodies naturally.

Can't wait to welcome you to the Oily Love Team!

Have more questions? Drop them in the comments 👇

Luscious Lemon-Lavender Soap

Luscious Lemon-Lavender Soap
See how easy it is to make your own soap where you know what each ingredient is and add a deep layer of health and healing to your every day products!

Teething Help for Babes and Moms

Teething sucks, for everyone involved! There's physical pain for your little one and emotional pain for you the mama, so keep on reading because I'm going to share with you all of my tips and tricks that I use for the physical pain which I know for me when I feel like I'm able to do something to give my little some relief it helps me with the emotional pain of seeing them suffer.

Before we really dive into my different pain relief tools, let's talk fevers.  Now most doctors will tell you there's no correlation or reason that teething babies and toddler should have a fever when teething, especially during the time that those teeth are cutting through.  But, talk to any mama, parent, or caregiver and I'm sure they've experience at least one of their children running a fever while cutting teeth and the baffling thing is that they are not sick so there should be no reason for the fever. 

Well there is reason for that fever. One of the primary functions of a fever is to help move body building materials from one part of the body to another. When a child (or adult) is sick the fever helps to move the T-fighter cells to the area of the body that is being affected most by whatever is causing the sickness.  During the process of cutting teeth a fever will spark if there is not enough calcium available in the mouth to push that tooth through, so the body will produce a fever to move more calcium from other areas of the body where it is not needed as much at that time and push it into that tooth to facilitate pushing the tooth through the gum. When I read about this process while going through my Master Herbalist program I was blow away!  This also explains why some kiddos have such a hard time teething and other's are just not phased.  So giving your child a good herbal calcium supplement that is easy to get down and super easy for their body's to assimilate is so helpful.  One of my favorites is Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Calc which is an herbal tincture that can be dropped right into the mouth and created straight from calcium rich herbs like: Nettle, Shavegrass, Oatstraw and Valerian. 

You can snag Kid-e-Calc on amazon here

Ok, so now that we're giving the body the building blocks in really needs to do what it's got to do to push those teeth through, let's dive into my favorite pain relief tools...

First up, another of Dr. Christopher's amazing herbal tincture's for teething is Kid-e-Col which is a teething formula made form catnip and fennel herbs.  These two herbs, which are usually used for digestion support, also offer great relief form teething (if your little also suffers from colic this is a must to have on hand!). I just takes a few drops in the mouth. I do my best to apply where the teeth are coming but when those babies become toddlers and have more teeth it always seems like there's a possibly of loosing a finger because they love to chomp down!

This is another one you can grab on amazon, just click here.

Now, let's touch on a little Homeopathic tools.  This one got a little heat a few years ago, but for my kiddos in terms of homeopathic remedies it is what works the best even better than the one specifically labeled for teething.  Hyland's Belladonna dissolvable tablets.  Why did belladonna get some heat?  Because it is a poisonous plant and when taken in large amounts can be harmful. As a little refresher, how homeopathy works is that you treat like with like.  What that means is that you take a very diluted down version of the plant and use it to heal whatever is going on.  During teething fever and inflammation is a big issue and belladonna when taken in a homeopathic dose helps to relieve those symptoms (but remember if that fever is spiking you babe needs some calcium too, we've got to give the body the building blocks it needs!) I've never had an issue with giving my kids a tablet or two of belladonna every few hours and it really does help to give them much needed relief.

Because amazon is our savior, head here to get it!

And the last tool in my toolbox is where my holistic journey all started, essential oils!  I love making a teething roller for my kiddos to apply along the jawline.  I use Young Living's oils because they are the most effective I've ever found and I've used A LOT of different brands in my 20+ years of using essential oils.  My go-to oils for teething are PanAway and Copaiba.  PanAway is an amazing oil blend that contains oils to help calm and sooth pain. Copaiba is one of the best oils too reduce inflammation, so these two make a powerhouse combo to relieve teething pain!  

Making a roller is super fun and easy! 

Just add 5-10 drops of each PanAway + Copaiba then fill the roller with fractionated coconut oil (or whatever your favorite carrier oil is!)

Head over to my Young Living website here to get these two oils and of course you can find my favorite organic fractionated coconut oil on amazon here

Those are my tools!  I hope this helps you and your little!