Understanding where your Inner Authority comes from in Human Design.
Hello beautiful soul!

Before we get into understanding where your Inner Authority comes from in Human Design, take a moment and breath into your body.  Connect with your body.  Your inner authority lies within your body, the body will always let you know what is correct for you; either through feelings or words that naturally come out of your mouth without preemptive thought.

The premise of Human Design is how to make correct decisions in your life so that you may eventually fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. 

In order to fulfill your purpose you must trust your Inner Authority.

So let's get a basic understanding of where Inner Authority comes from in Human Design.

To do this you can either watch the video below if you're an auditory learner or keep reading if you prefer to learn that way!

Before I dive into explaining what Inner Authority is and how it is determined let me be clear, this blog post is not about each different Inner Authority and how yours works.  If you'd like a video specially for your Inner Authority, I have that for you!  

Simply click below to get your Human Design Chart and then click on what ever is listed next to Inner Authority on your chart and that will take you to a video explaining all about your personal inner authority.

Inner Authority is where your intuition lies.  

In Human Design there are 7 different types of Inner Authority and where yours is located and how it works depends on the definition in your chart.

This graphic below shows you the hierarchy of Inner Authority, but don't misconstrue what I mean my hierarchy, no Inner Authority is better than another.  This chart just shows the order in which Authority is determined. 

So starting from the left to the right the order in which Authority is determined:

1. Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus Defined)
2. Sacral Authority (Sacral center is defined but not the Solar Plexus)
3. Splenic Authority (Splenic Center is defined but not the Solar Plexus or Sacral) 
4. Ego/Heart Authority (Ego/Heart Center defined but not the Solar Plexus, Sacral, or Spleen)
5. Self-Projected Authority (G Center is defined but not the Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen or Ego?heart)
6. Mental Authority (Throat center, Ajna, and/or head centers are defined but not any of the other centers)
7. Lunar Authority (These are the Reflectors that have no centers defined)

Keep in mind these are the order of definition, other than the ones listed that cannot be defined for that center to be an authority that other energy centers can also be defined.

I know this can be a bit confusing so feel free to ask questions below in the comments!

The last thing to remember is that we have evolved from 7 centered beings who were dependent on outer authority to tell them what to do and make decisions for them to 9 centered being who are here to follow their own Inner Authority and make their own decisions.

YOU know what is correct for you.  It's just about releasing what is the conditioned you through your own deconditioning process and tapping back into the true essence of you.

Your Human Design Chart is just a reminder of who you are designed to be in this lifetime and to follow your own intuition.

Sending your all the love on your Journey, I'm always here if you need anything.

Bye for now,
Mallory Riess


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