Shift Your Frequency, Shift Your Life

Shift Your Frequency, Shift Your Life
Everything has a frequency, everything is energy.  Thoughts have frequencies, people have frequencies, objects, animals, even places carry a certain frequency. Higher or lower frequencies are neither good or bad, they just are. One of the many lessons I have learned throughout my yoga practice is that nothing is good or bad, that is just something our minds perceive. 

So let's dive in... how does bringing awareness to your frequency and consciously shifting it create wellbeing in your life?  Watch the video below to learn more or keep on reading, whichever is your jam!

Okay, so let's talk about energy, quantum physics your frequency and how all of that can be used to shift your life. It is my true belief, we are all here to live the best life that we can live.

Most of us are probably familiar with Einstein's famous equation:

E = mc2

Where E = energy, m = mass, and c = speed of light

What this tells us is that everything is energy and energy can be converted into mass or mass can be converted into energy. So we are energetic beings. Einstein even said "Energy is all there is."  When we have energy that automatically means that there is a frequency to this energy. Frequency is just the measurement of how fast something is vibrating, usually measured in hertz. 

Every nerve impulse and every cell in the body has an electromagnetic current and we can measure these currents. We are all vibrating at a specific frequency, our thoughts vibrate at different frequencies and you can actually feel it.  You know when you're in a space where you're having a hard time. SO many negative thoughts running through you and you feel that heaviness, that lower vibration. Then some days you're in a good headspace, your thoughts are lighter and you feel a higher more energy state of your body being in that higher frequency. You can viscerally feel the different frequencies from your body, thoughts, and emotions.

Have you every walked into the room where your significant other was and could "feel" what kind of mood they were in?  That was you feeling their frequency.  Since we are energetic beings what we do and feel has a direct impact on those around us as well as the collective consciousness. The yogis and mystics have known this for eons, but in our science based age quantum physics has proven this. We are all connected.  In the manifestation world its called the "Law of Divine Oneness." What this tells us is when we start to raise our own frequency we raise the frequency of the collective conscious. As each one of us heals it literally heals the world. 

We are an energetic match to whatever frequency you're currently living at, this is called the "Law of Vibration." Whatever vibration you hold based on your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, & actions will bring an energetic match to what your experience is in life. We've all met those people (or maybe are one of those people) where shit just keeps happening to you. Take a step back and observe, where do you think that energetic frequency is? 

Like attracts life, its simple, yet sometimes so hard to shift.

Raising your vibration is worth the work.  As you heal and your frequency raises you will naturally attract more of what you truly want and what is right for you. 

When we are in our correct frequency and energy flow we are in our natural healthy state. Donna Eden, author of "Energy Medicine", writes "each person has unique patterns of energy that are directly related to their health and wellbeing."  Learning how your personal energy flows and what you can do to raise your vibration to its own natural state you will come into your optimal health.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the founding researchers on epigenetics, states "your mind will adjust the body's biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs."  This means that, where we are at with the frequency of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as if we are repressing anything has a direct effect on our physical body. 

So all of this is awesome knowledge, but what can we do?  How can we shift our vibration to its optimal level? What practices can we start?

My Favorite tools to support a journey of coming into the correct vibrational state for your being are...

1. Human Design
Human Design is an unbiased energetic blueprint for how our energy flows its smoothest in this lifetime.  It helps you operate from your own strategy and inner authority so you know what decision are truly correct for you.  Living my life through my design has given me so much peace and freedom to operate as I have always wanted, but never felt like I "could."  If you are curious about your Human Design chart I'd love to run it for you and send you a few pointers on where to start to be your own authority and flow more with life.  All I need is your birthdate, birth time, and birth place. 

2. Essential Oils
The possibilities are endless with oils, they are literally good for everything and everyone, and I don't say that lightly.  What sets essential oils apart and why they can be used for anyone is because they are adaptogens.  They work with the body and do what the body individually needs. Essential Oils have frequencies ranging from 40 MHz to 400 MHz so they are helpful for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work.  Many of us hold subconscious blocks that we are not even aware of and that's one of the reasons we struggle with getting to where we truly want to go in life.  Essential oils are a great tool to help us tap into the subconscious mind and bring buried stuff to light. Head on over to my Essential oils page to learn more!

3. Yoga
Moving the body helps to release built up energy and allow the energy centers to flow.  In yoga we call this energy Prana and Aprana.  When we move our bodies on the physical realm deep healing takes place on the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Head on over to my yoga page and practice with me!

4. Hypnotherapy
I personally have found hypnotherapy to be a deeply healing modality to get and release what is stuck in the subconscious mind.  

5. Gratitude
Finally starting a gratitude practice if you do not have one everyday.  When we move each day from a place of gratitude it helps to release worries, anxieties, depression, and opens our eyes and hearts to how truly blessed we are.  If you struggle with gratitude you can download my daily gratitude guide.

I hope this helps give you an understanding of how your personal frequency plays such a huge role in your life and the world. Thanks for stopping by my little home here on the web.

In Gratitude,