Tapping into the Gift of Inspiration - Yoga flow for the 61st Gene Key

Tapping into the Gift of Inspiration - Yoga flow for the 61st Gene Key
The 61st Gene Key holds an incredible gift, it is the Gift of Inspiration.

Walking through the frequency path of the 61st Gene Key takes us from the shadow frequency of Oppression (I'll have a blog post up soon going more in-depth on this shadow and practices to clear it!) through the Gift Frequency of Transmutation to the pinnacle Siddhi Frequency of Transfiguration.

Join me below as I guide you through a Yoga Flow to help us raise our frequency and call in the Gift Frequency of the 61st Gene Key:

The Gift of Inspiration.

**Please note in the video I mention that the 61st Gene Key is connected to the Pituitary Gland, this is incorrect I meant to say Pineal Gland. Soon I'll create a Blog Post about how you can support your Pineal Gland!**

Contemplation is the key practice in moving our frequency from the lower shadow levels to and rising it up to the Gift and even Siddhi frequencies.  For me contemplation comes in many forms and yoga asana is one of those forms.

I am a 1st line in the Sphere of my Purpose which means I love to process things physically, so I create yoga flows for each Gene Key in my Hologentic Profile to help me process, release, and come into a higher state of being.  If you'd like to learn more about the Gene Keys I highly recommend you visiting the website: GeneKeys.com

If you haven't already push play and flow with me!

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With light and love,