Roots & Wings - A yoga flow and contemplation

Roots & Wings - A yoga flow and contemplation
Sometimes it simply takes getting back to your Roots in order to Grow your Wings and finally take flight...

Young Living's convention just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and the theme was Roots & Wings, which was such a great reminder for me that I needed to get back to my own roots and rebuild my foundation so that I can grow my wings and take flight.

If you're familiar with Human Design my profile is a 5/1 and that second number (in my case the 1) is your unconscious personality, the personality that you're kinda aware of but at the same time not at all.  The first number is your conscious personality, the one that usually you really resonate with.  I'm not going to dive into all of the profiles and numbers at this time, but if that's something you're interested in leave me a comment below, when I get enough interest then we can take a dive into all that good stuff!

Now, back to that 1 in my profile... whenever we are talking about 1st lines, in both Human Design and the Gene Keys, we are always talking about the foundation, so anyone with a 1 in their profile needs to lay a solid foundation.  As I have been walking my de-conditioning path I have found this to be so true.  I am able to tap back into my true essence and find my confidence when I feel solid in my foundation and this takes growing DEEP roots.  Growing deep roots back into the core of myself; tapping back into my innate power, wisdom, and worthiness.

For every convention Young Living creates an Essential oil blend (this year 2!) to honor the intention behind that year's theme.  I love this because it is a way for me to keep working with that energy that was cultivated throughout convention. This year they created two blends Roots and Wings. 

While I was sitting one morning inhaling and sitting with the oils I was inspired to put together a Roots & Wings Yoga Flow as my way of grounding this intention in my physical body. Grounding energy down into my physical body is one of the way I process, this comes from that 1st line in my profile.

So, whether you have these oils are not, I'd love for you go join me in my interpretation of this energy through yoga.

All you need yourself, a mat, and a little space to move.

Now, let's ground into your Roots so that we may grow our Wings and Fly!

I hope that this flow empowered you as much as it did myself!

In most of my yoga flows I used essential oils because they simply add another layer of healing and energy into the physical practice.

Mary Young the CEO and Co-Founder of Young Living Essential Oils explains the intention of the Roots Blend best in this little clip from Convention...

As she says, the intention for the Roots Oil Blend is to reconnect you back to the root of who YOU are and release the conditioning from the outside world. 

Roots contains:

  • Balm of Gilead - which in ancient times was one of the most highly prized oils in the world for health and healing, it was even termed 'Liquid Gold'. and literally worth more than gold!
  • Grand Fir - Grown on Young Living's Highland Flats farm is known for it's emotionally refreshing quality (if you've ever spent some time around conifer or evergreen trees you know the energy I'm writing about!). It brings a calm and peaceful quality allowing you the space to sink back inside yourself.
  • Angelic - a sacred oil of protection and renewal
  • Cistus - which helps you to connect you back to your intuition and deep inner knowing.  This will awaken your inner awareness so you know where your roots need to grow the most.
  •  Myrrh - cleaning and purifying to help you release what is not you which brings an uplifting energy and promotes great joy back into yourself!
  • Sacred Frankincense - helps you to be equal parts grounded in yourself and interconnected to all beings in this universe.
The Aroma of the Roots blend is soft and earthy just as it should be!

Wings Essential Oil Blend is our way to renew the soul and physical body to take flight.

Wings contains the following oils:

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce & Idaho Blue Spruce - to bring grounding and support
  • Sacred Frankincense & Myrrh - to anchor your deep broad roots to stay grounded in your purpose and life path
  • Sacred Sandalwood, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, German Chamomile, Angelica - to help you flower
  • Tangerine, Orange, Melissa, and Rose - to uplift the heart and soul while you fulfill your purpose and create the life of your dreams.
Wow, some powerful oils!  If you're not already a Young Living Customer of mine and would like to  snag these oils and really dive into how Essential oils can support your health and spiritual journey head on over to my link and you can grab one or both of these oils!

When you spend 100 PV or more you'll unlock 24% off the dollar amount of your order 🙌 
Now what they heck is PV? Well, Young Living is a global company so think if PV as it's currency. If you're here in the US then the PV amount will usually be the dollar amount after you've unlocked the 24% discount.  Still confused?  Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email, I'd be happy to answer any questions!

Have the best day my friend and go out, ground into your roots, so that you too may grow your wings and FLY!

Transmuting Shame into Understanding

Transmuting Shame into Understanding

Transmuting Shame into Understanding Meditation

We all hold shame, unfortunately it is something most of us learn as small children as well as being passed down through generations so it is literally held in our DNA.

This shame keeps us from connecting to others and keeps us from following our heart's calling because with shame brings feelings of unworthiness. 

So much of my own shame has manifested in my parenting. I struggle so much with being a parent, it is the hardest job I've ever undertaken.  My children are still small and as a very practical person who loves logic and reason this has been a challenge to understand and accept that my small children do not move from practicality and logic.  From this has manifested deep feelings of unworthiness and kept me from connecting with so many other moms whom seem to just love simply being a mom.

To work though these feelings of shame we must first fully feel them because when we surrender and allow ourselves to feel that is there that's when the light on the other side shines through and that light is understanding.

This light shine the understanding of ourselves, why we do what we do, where our struggles lie, why we react the way we do, why we hold ourselves back, why we feel unworthy of the things that call out out our hearts and souls, the list goes on and on...

Understanding our shame allows us to start the process of accepting ourselves just as we are without needing to change a thing.  The first step in true self love is to simply allow yourself to be.  Breath all of you in, every gift and every imperfection. 

When we feel into our own shame it gives us understanding of the source of that shame, from here we are able to learn and eventually grow and become a more whole and loving person.

Not only does this understanding help us to truly see our own self and our worthiness but it helps to open our hearts so we may more fully be able to see others. To understand why they struggle. To allow ourselves to accept people for who they are, in the place that they are because we all share so many of the same wounds.

So join me in this simple meditation of allowing the shame to be there, recognizing it, and ultimately gaining deep understanding from it.

You are worthy just as you are right in this moment no matter how much shame is held in your heart and body.  Take a small step to start the work of looking at your shadows for deep inner healing.

During this meditation we will be using the mantra:

"I learn from all of life's experiences" 

and Young LIving's Frankincense Essential oil.  If you do not have this exquisite and emotionally healing oil, contemplate joining my Young Living team to dive even deeper in to healing on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You can get Frankincense and so many other amazing oils on my signup link:

To learn more about me and all of my offerings please visit my website:

Tapping into the Gift of Inspiration - Yoga flow for the 61st Gene Key

Tapping into the Gift of Inspiration - Yoga flow for the 61st Gene Key
The 61st Gene Key holds an incredible gift, it is the Gift of Inspiration.

Walking through the frequency path of the 61st Gene Key takes us from the shadow frequency of Oppression (I'll have a blog post up soon going more in-depth on this shadow and practices to clear it!) through the Gift Frequency of Transmutation to the pinnacle Siddhi Frequency of Transfiguration.

Join me below as I guide you through a Yoga Flow to help us raise our frequency and call in the Gift Frequency of the 61st Gene Key:

The Gift of Inspiration.

**Please note in the video I mention that the 61st Gene Key is connected to the Pituitary Gland, this is incorrect I meant to say Pineal Gland. Soon I'll create a Blog Post about how you can support your Pineal Gland!**

Contemplation is the key practice in moving our frequency from the lower shadow levels to and rising it up to the Gift and even Siddhi frequencies.  For me contemplation comes in many forms and yoga asana is one of those forms.

I am a 1st line in the Sphere of my Purpose which means I love to process things physically, so I create yoga flows for each Gene Key in my Hologentic Profile to help me process, release, and come into a higher state of being.  If you'd like to learn more about the Gene Keys I highly recommend you visiting the website:

If you haven't already push play and flow with me!

To be the first to know when I post yoga flows, meditations, healthy living tips, and spiritual talks make sure to sign up for my newsletter by leaving me a comment below!

With light and love,

Shift Your Frequency, Shift Your Life

Shift Your Frequency, Shift Your Life
Everything has a frequency, everything is energy.  Thoughts have frequencies, people have frequencies, objects, animals, even places carry a certain frequency. Higher or lower frequencies are neither good or bad, they just are. One of the many lessons I have learned throughout my yoga practice is that nothing is good or bad, that is just something our minds perceive. 

So let's dive in... how does bringing awareness to your frequency and consciously shifting it create wellbeing in your life?  Watch the video below to learn more or keep on reading, whichever is your jam!

Okay, so let's talk about energy, quantum physics your frequency and how all of that can be used to shift your life. It is my true belief, we are all here to live the best life that we can live.

Most of us are probably familiar with Einstein's famous equation:

E = mc2

Where E = energy, m = mass, and c = speed of light

What this tells us is that everything is energy and energy can be converted into mass or mass can be converted into energy. So we are energetic beings. Einstein even said "Energy is all there is."  When we have energy that automatically means that there is a frequency to this energy. Frequency is just the measurement of how fast something is vibrating, usually measured in hertz. 

Every nerve impulse and every cell in the body has an electromagnetic current and we can measure these currents. We are all vibrating at a specific frequency, our thoughts vibrate at different frequencies and you can actually feel it.  You know when you're in a space where you're having a hard time. SO many negative thoughts running through you and you feel that heaviness, that lower vibration. Then some days you're in a good headspace, your thoughts are lighter and you feel a higher more energy state of your body being in that higher frequency. You can viscerally feel the different frequencies from your body, thoughts, and emotions.

Have you every walked into the room where your significant other was and could "feel" what kind of mood they were in?  That was you feeling their frequency.  Since we are energetic beings what we do and feel has a direct impact on those around us as well as the collective consciousness. The yogis and mystics have known this for eons, but in our science based age quantum physics has proven this. We are all connected.  In the manifestation world its called the "Law of Divine Oneness." What this tells us is when we start to raise our own frequency we raise the frequency of the collective conscious. As each one of us heals it literally heals the world. 

We are an energetic match to whatever frequency you're currently living at, this is called the "Law of Vibration." Whatever vibration you hold based on your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, & actions will bring an energetic match to what your experience is in life. We've all met those people (or maybe are one of those people) where shit just keeps happening to you. Take a step back and observe, where do you think that energetic frequency is? 

Like attracts life, its simple, yet sometimes so hard to shift.

Raising your vibration is worth the work.  As you heal and your frequency raises you will naturally attract more of what you truly want and what is right for you. 

When we are in our correct frequency and energy flow we are in our natural healthy state. Donna Eden, author of "Energy Medicine", writes "each person has unique patterns of energy that are directly related to their health and wellbeing."  Learning how your personal energy flows and what you can do to raise your vibration to its own natural state you will come into your optimal health.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the founding researchers on epigenetics, states "your mind will adjust the body's biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs."  This means that, where we are at with the frequency of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as if we are repressing anything has a direct effect on our physical body. 

So all of this is awesome knowledge, but what can we do?  How can we shift our vibration to its optimal level? What practices can we start?

My Favorite tools to support a journey of coming into the correct vibrational state for your being are...

1. Human Design
Human Design is an unbiased energetic blueprint for how our energy flows its smoothest in this lifetime.  It helps you operate from your own strategy and inner authority so you know what decision are truly correct for you.  Living my life through my design has given me so much peace and freedom to operate as I have always wanted, but never felt like I "could."  If you are curious about your Human Design chart I'd love to run it for you and send you a few pointers on where to start to be your own authority and flow more with life.  All I need is your birthdate, birth time, and birth place. 

2. Essential Oils
The possibilities are endless with oils, they are literally good for everything and everyone, and I don't say that lightly.  What sets essential oils apart and why they can be used for anyone is because they are adaptogens.  They work with the body and do what the body individually needs. Essential Oils have frequencies ranging from 40 MHz to 400 MHz so they are helpful for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work.  Many of us hold subconscious blocks that we are not even aware of and that's one of the reasons we struggle with getting to where we truly want to go in life.  Essential oils are a great tool to help us tap into the subconscious mind and bring buried stuff to light. Head on over to my Essential oils page to learn more!

3. Yoga
Moving the body helps to release built up energy and allow the energy centers to flow.  In yoga we call this energy Prana and Aprana.  When we move our bodies on the physical realm deep healing takes place on the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Head on over to my yoga page and practice with me!

4. Hypnotherapy
I personally have found hypnotherapy to be a deeply healing modality to get and release what is stuck in the subconscious mind.  

5. Gratitude
Finally starting a gratitude practice if you do not have one everyday.  When we move each day from a place of gratitude it helps to release worries, anxieties, depression, and opens our eyes and hearts to how truly blessed we are.  If you struggle with gratitude you can download my daily gratitude guide.

I hope this helps give you an understanding of how your personal frequency plays such a huge role in your life and the world. Thanks for stopping by my little home here on the web.

In Gratitude,

Cultivating Patience - Oil + Restore Practice

Cultivating Patience - Oil + Restore Practice
We live in such a fast-paced world, in many cases instant gratification is a real thing.  We have become so used to getting things immediately. In many ways this is truly a blessing, but if we are not mindful, it costs us the gift of patience.  Not everything is designed to happen right away, there are many lessons in cultivating patience.  Patience teaches us to slow down, be present, and enjoy the ride.  
Our minds go so crazy because we want everything right now and when things don’t happen in our expected time frame we start to ask: why isn't this happening right now, what am I doing wrong, I’m I not enough? In yoga these are all the vrittis (fluctuations) of the mind.  
Here’s the ultimate truth my friends:


When we come into a space of being ok with the process, releasing expectations of a timeline, it naturally allows us to have patience and enjoy the process so much more.
I’ve created a beautiful asana practice to help support you in cultivating more patience in your life. Join me on your mat and take time to open the body.  Healing takes time and this gentle restorative practice offers space for that healing to happen.
Follow along with me in following video or keep reading to take the “Cultivating Patience – Oil + Restore” practice at your own pace.

For this practice we will be using Young Living’s blends
  • Peace & Calming
  • Grounding
  • Release
  • Surrender 
I choose these oils to help us get into the energetic frequency of patience.  If you do not have these oils on hand please still practice with me!  Essential Oils are not necessary for the practice, but they do add another layer of healing to the work you are doing. 
If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how to become a part of the Oily Love Team please click here.
Now, Let’s get into our practice…
Start by sitting in Sukasana;
either on the straight on the mat, blanket, or bolster.
Place 2-3 drops of Peace & Calming in the palm of your hand and take a couple of deep breaths.  Then bring your hands to your feet and rub the stomach point, which is located just below the ball of your foot at the beginning of your arch. 
Peace & Calming placed on the stomach point helps to calm the nervous system and settle digestion.  So often when we are impatient we activate the stress sensors in the body, this in turn halts digestion.  Everything in the body is a feedback loop. 
While you’re giving the stomach point a little message say the mantra:
 “I am content and blessed” at least 3 times.
Bringing more contentment into our lives helps us to slow down, appreciate what we do have, and cultivate more patience as we work towards what we want.
Slowly making your way to your back we will take Supta Baddha Konasana
Staying here for 10 breaths, allowing the hips to relax open.  If you need some support place blacks under the knees.
Bring the hands to the Sacral Center, just below the belly button.  This is the center where we hold the gift of patience.  Tune in, feel the energy here.
After 10 breaths slowly bring the knees back up and take a gentle twist to each side.  Again focusing on the sacral center and any sensations you feel.  Have patience with the body and surrender to it opening in its own time.  Allow 5-10 breaths on each side.
Take your time and make your way back to your seat, we will start some gentle bandha work to connect further with the sacral center.
Dropping 2-3 drops of Grounding Essential Oil to your hands and rub them together, take an inhale to breath in all those amazing conifer oils that help us to simultaneously feel the energy of grounding and upliftment.   
Bring your focus to your breath and say the mantra 
“I am in alignment” 
When we are in alignment we know that everything will come and happen in right timing, giving us patience to see how it all unfolds.
Next, apply Release Essential Oil Blend to the bottom of the neck just above the color bone.
Using the mantra “I am in perfect timing” while applying the oil.
When we allow ourselves to be in “perfect timing” we release expectations on timelines.  So often we try and force things to happen in a certain time frame, but all this does is cause frustration and cut off the natural universal flow.  When we allow ourselves to be in flow and allow ourselves to truly trust in “perfect timing” we naturally cultivate more patience.
Repeat the mantra “I am in perfect timing” at least 3 times.
The last oil we will use for practice today is Surrender.
Taking 2-3 drops of Surrender Essential Oil Blend into the hand, rub them together and inhale.
Applying the oil to your forehead, say the mantra:
 “I am open and welcome change” repeat at least 3 times, slow and steady.
Sometimes the thing that blocks our progress and takes away our patience is when we want things to be a certain way and we are not open to the change and flow in the process.  When we truly surrender, are open to change, and have patience in the unfolding of the path so often things manifest so much better than our original vision.
Now that we have connected deeply on an energetic level, let’s move into the physical…
Coming forward and flow into some cat-cows, experience the body, feel the body.  Notice where you want to move faster and slower. Can you feel the body’s natural rhythm and flow with it?
Finding Adho Mukha Savansana (down dog)

Feeling and allowing the backs of the legs to open.   No destination here. Just breathing.   This is a great pose to explore and have patience with if you have tight hamstrings, calves, low back, or cultivating patience in your strength and endurance in the arms/shoulders to hold this pose.
Stay 5-10 breaths.
Coming into Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (pigeon pose)
Working the hips tries almost everyone’s patience. We hold so much in our hips. Physically because we are sitting, standing, and walking all day. Our emotional center is also found in the hips so this is where many repressed emotions are held.  Patience is the key to allowing the hips to open and energy to flow.
Hold this pose for 10-15 breaths on each side.   Stay the course, tune into your breath, and cultivate patience in the process.
Take a seat, bring the legs wide to come into Upavishta Konasana (wide legged forward fold)
We worked on the outer hips in the previous pose, not we bring our attention to the inner part of the hips.  Our hips are multifaceted and multilayered.  Breath.  This pose can be a huge lesson in cultivating patience in the body.
Hold for 10-15 breaths.
Bringing the legs together come into Baddha Konasana (cobblers pose)
Another pose to work the inner hips as well as moving into the low back.  Allow your torso to drape over the legs.  Breath into the back of the body, sacral center, and inner thighs.  Accept where you are at, you are in perfect timing.
Stay 10-15 breaths.
Once you come out of the pose make your way onto your back to come into 
Ananda Balasana (happy baby)
Allowing your knees to move towards the ground and taking any gentle movements you need. Staying 5-10 breaths.
Bring the knees into the chest and give yourself a little squeeze.  Taking another twist to each side if that calls to you or coming right into 

Resting for at least 5 min.  Our true test of patience. Can we be still and allow our body and mind to rest while awake.  Be patient with yourself.
After your 5 minutes is up slowly make your way back to yourself and bring the palms into prayer. Honor yourself.  You are amazing. 

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