Energy Centers in Human Design: Why they Matter and What's their Purpose

Energy Centers in Human Design: Why they Matter and What's their Purpose

Energy Centers in Human Design: Why they matter and what’s their purpose.

In Human Design there are 9 different energy centers and these are derived from the 7 energy centers of the Hindu Chakra System.  See the image below…

So what happened? Well, humanity has evolved. For a long time we needed to listen to outer authority to make the world work and grow. This is how the 7 centered being operated, they were designed to listen to outer authority and listen to logical processes. To create the world that we have today that was needed.  But, we have not evolved into the 9 centered beings that we are today and we are no longer meant to follow outer authority like our 7 centered ancestors. 

The 9 centered beings are designed to follow their own inner authority, and this is the power of Human Design because it let’s you know what center your inner authority lies in so you can start to develop a relationship with that authority and learn to trust it above all else.

So what's the purpose of each energy center? 

Each Energy Center has a specific function. It's how we're able to process things in the world. 

So here’s a quick breakdown of each of the 9 Energy Centers for ya:

Root center = pressure and stress to get you going and to evolve
Ajna = how you conceptualize and process information and what's going on in your life
Head = center for inspiration and pressure to think 
Heart =  your will center
G = center of love, identity, & direction
Splenic center =  health & instinct
Solar plexus =  center of emotion. 
Sacral center = vital life force energy
Throat = manifestation & communication 

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