How to use your Human Design to get through the Holidays.

This holiday season has been a little off for my family, I am genuinely sending all of the good energy to you and your family that you've experienced a little more holiday magic than we have in the last few weeks.

As all of your gatherings approach I wanted to share with you a few tips I have around how experiment with how you're designed this Holiday season.

For many of us this is truly a time of good cheer but for other's not so much.  I've personally found that as I've embraced my design and followed my Strategy and Authority (S&A) it has helped me tremendously stay in alignment as I see family and friends, some whom I adore and some whom, well... not so much.

So let's break down what following your S&A looks like during your holiday gatherings.

Generators and Manifesting Generators...

Take a step back and observe what you respond to.  How is your sacral energy responding to different people and/or situations?  Start getting in touch with your sacral energy and see what it feels called to want more of and what it recoils from.  See what your open aura is pulling towards you.  Just observe, this will give you a good indication of where your energy is at.


Same with you, take a step back and observe. Instead of feeling obligated in initiating conversation wait for the other to engage with you.  Be at peace if you just want to talk to one person the whole event and really dive into that conversation. Do your best to focus on one person at a time, remember you have a very penetrating aura that is meant to hone in on and connect with one person at a time.  Wait to give/offer advice until you are invited to by the other, save your wisdom and energy for those that ask for it.

If you want to try a fun experiment with your aura, zero your focus in on someone and see how long it takes them to turn around.


Stand in your power and listen to that inner authority. If there is something that your authority is telling you listen to it and then as politely as possible inform those whom you need to about your decision, then take action.  Your true people will understand and follow if they're meant to.  You're designed to be an initiator so if there is a fun game or some other activity you've been wanting to do, set it up and invite the other's to join you and go do your thing!


Really observe the differences in your energy when you're around different groups of people.  How you're feeling your energy is a reflection of those people around you. Do you feel healthy and happy? Do you feel more uplifted?  Does your energy feel more pulled down to a lower frequency? You have so much wisdom in the healthy of other's physically. emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Start to tap into that because it's your super power.  Allow yourself to taste the energy of others, but remember to be a screen not a sponge.  You do not need to take on their energy, simply observe it. Then when you get some remember to tune into your energy centers and do a little clearing out of what is not your energy.

For everyone...

You are designed and worthy of being with people that bring more joy and loving energy into your life.  You are worthy of having other's lift your frequency up and not bring it down.  You are not here to people please.  You can be kind and Stand strong in who you are.  This is the perfect time to experiment with your Strategy and Authority, be light hearted in this experiment, look at is through the eyes of a child with curiosity.  Let go of the judgement and just observe.

Remember people's behavior says more about them then it does you.

If you need a refresher on your Strategy and Authority you can always re-run your chart by clicking the button below!

Sending you all of the love this holiday season,
Mallory Riess