How Human Design can help to Balance your Hormones!

How Human Design can help to Balance your Hormones!
This one is more for the ladies, but for my men subscribers there may be some insights for you too because no matter your gender we all have hormones and when not living in alignment they get out of wack.

Ever since I had my daughter I've experinenced symptoms of PMS, mostly mental for me.  Those few days leading up to when Aunt Flow comes to visit were filled with negative self talk (which usually doesn't fill my head), feeling very lethargic, crying a ton, and almost, dare I say... depressed. 😬

It was a weird phenomena for me, and I did all of the natural things I knew to do.  Ate whole food, took my supplements, used all of my hormone balancing oils.  They definitely helped but still I knew my hormones were off.

So I just kind of accepted it, I knew to be aware that those few days before were not going to be great in terms of mental health and it was a lesson in allow those feelings in, fully feeling them instead of running away, and knowing that they would pass.

So what does all of this have to do with Human Design?

Well, ever since starting to dive into this system I'd read that the Energy Centers and Gates of the Human Design System correlate to different parts and systems of the body and the body's hormones.

In fact, hormones drive and regulate most of the body in different ways, I won't get into all of that know because it will just make this email even longer 😅

For the last month I have been personally working on deconditioning my Head Center and intentanially living in alignment with how mine is desgined to operate. 

What I've noticed is, my mind does not get carried away with itself and all of the crazy thoughts which makes my mental health so much better.  My mind is clearer.  Following my Strategy and Authority is easier because I know I don't need to take action on all of the thoughts my mind thinks up.  I feel such a relief of all of the mental pressure!

Besides my mental health being so much better in general, those few days before Aunt Flow came to visit I didn't have any of my usual PMS symptoms.  The physical fatigue wasn't there, I wasn't snapping at my family, and I wasn't crying for three days, and doing that downward depressive spiral in my mind.

The first day of the visit I had such a pep in my step I even did a cardio workout!

For me it was just a testament to the power of living how you personally are designed.  When we honor our energy life starts to come into balance.

If you'd like to learn more about the Head Center and work through your own deconditioning process around this center I'll be hosting an "Aligned Head Center Workshop" at the end of next month.  Be the first to know when it's happening and get all of the details by signing up for the waitlist here!

With love,

You are NOT your Mind; take steps to get out of your mind and back into your life.

You are NOT your Mind; take steps to get out of your mind and back into your life.
My mind has taken a hold of me again.

It happens, from time to time, but over the years it has lessened.

So what did I do to overcome my crazy mind?

I checked in with my Head Center.  

Before I get into what that means let's take a step back and see the role mind plays in your design.  So, stick with me until the end because I do have some tips for you!

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Understanding where your Inner Authority comes from in Human Design.

Understanding where your Inner Authority comes from in Human Design.
Hello beautiful soul!

Before we get into understanding where your Inner Authority comes from in Human Design, take a moment and breath into your body.  Connect with your body.  Your inner authority lies within your body, the body will always let you know what is correct for you; either through feelings or words that naturally come out of your mouth without preemptive thought.

The premise of Human Design is how to make correct decisions in your life so that you may eventually fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. 

In order to fulfill your purpose you must trust your Inner Authority.

So let's get a basic understanding of where Inner Authority comes from in Human Design.

To do this you can either watch the video below if you're an auditory learner or keep reading if you prefer to learn that way!

Before I dive into explaining what Inner Authority is and how it is determined let me be clear, this blog post is not about each different Inner Authority and how yours works.  If you'd like a video specially for your Inner Authority, I have that for you!  

Simply click below to get your Human Design Chart and then click on what ever is listed next to Inner Authority on your chart and that will take you to a video explaining all about your personal inner authority.

Inner Authority is where your intuition lies.  

In Human Design there are 7 different types of Inner Authority and where yours is located and how it works depends on the definition in your chart.

This graphic below shows you the hierarchy of Inner Authority, but don't misconstrue what I mean my hierarchy, no Inner Authority is better than another.  This chart just shows the order in which Authority is determined. 

So starting from the left to the right the order in which Authority is determined:

1. Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus Defined)
2. Sacral Authority (Sacral center is defined but not the Solar Plexus)
3. Splenic Authority (Splenic Center is defined but not the Solar Plexus or Sacral) 
4. Ego/Heart Authority (Ego/Heart Center defined but not the Solar Plexus, Sacral, or Spleen)
5. Self-Projected Authority (G Center is defined but not the Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen or Ego?heart)
6. Mental Authority (Throat center, Ajna, and/or head centers are defined but not any of the other centers)
7. Lunar Authority (These are the Reflectors that have no centers defined)

Keep in mind these are the order of definition, other than the ones listed that cannot be defined for that center to be an authority that other energy centers can also be defined.

I know this can be a bit confusing so feel free to ask questions below in the comments!

The last thing to remember is that we have evolved from 7 centered beings who were dependent on outer authority to tell them what to do and make decisions for them to 9 centered being who are here to follow their own Inner Authority and make their own decisions.

YOU know what is correct for you.  It's just about releasing what is the conditioned you through your own deconditioning process and tapping back into the true essence of you.

Your Human Design Chart is just a reminder of who you are designed to be in this lifetime and to follow your own intuition.

Sending your all the love on your Journey, I'm always here if you need anything.

Bye for now,
Mallory Riess

The connection between Aura, Energy Type, & Strategy

The Relationship between Aura, Energy Type, & Strategy in the Human Design System.

In the Human Design System you hear a lot about Energy Type and Strategy. 

If you've ever wondered how the Energy Types are determined and in turn how that dermines your Strategy then either keep reading or watch the video above... whatever format works best for your understanding and learning type!

What is Energy Type & How is it Determined

There are 5 different Energy Types in Human Design
  • Generator
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Projector
  • Manifestor
  • Reflector
Your Energy Type is determined by how the Energy Centers are defined in your Human Design Chart.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

When the Sacral center is defined you automatically know the energy type is a Generator or Manifesting Generator.
The Difference between the two is if the Sacral center is connected to the Throat center, either directly through the 20-34 channel or indirectly by channels passing through another energy center. 

In this first chart you have a "pure generator". The Sacral center is defined but not connected to the Throat center.

The difference between a Generator and Manifesting Generator is how the Throat center is defined in the chart.  For a Generator the Throat center can be defined or undefined the key is if it connected to one of the motor centers i.e. the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root, or Heart.  If the Throat center is connected to a motor center and the Sacral is Defined then you know you have a Manifesting Generator. If the Throat is defined and only connected to the Ajna, G, or Splenic Center(s) then you're a Generator.

Now, let's get into the Manifesting Generator and look at the difference...

For the Manifesting Generator remember the Throat needs to be connected to a motor center and sacral defined.  Here we have the Throat connected to the Solar Plexus (motor center) and the sacral is defined so we have a Manifesting Generator. 

The Strategy for both Generators and Manifesting Generators is "to respond" this is because the Sacral Center is a response center.  It is designed to respond to the world around it.

Because of this the Aura of the Generator and Manifesting Generators is Open and Enveloping.  It needs to respond to the world so it pulls the world into it in order to respond.  


When the Sacral center is undefined in a chart you automatically know it's either a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector.

To determine if the energy type is a Manifestor you need to look again at the throat center. For the Energy Type to be a Manifestor the Throat center needs to be connected to a motor center. 

Remember the motor centers are the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and root.

Since this is a Manifestor we know the Sacral cannot be defined so the throat must connect to the Heart, Solar Plexus, or Root center.  

In the example here the Throat Center is connected to the Heart center. 

The Manifestor Aura is a little more closed off and not influenced so much by the auras of others.  This is why their strategy is "to inform" they are designed to pretty much do what they want to do when their inner authority gives the go ahead.  So they inform then go off and do they're thing. Their closed off auras a almost a bit of protection so they can do what they feel called to do and pour their energy into.


Again to determine if the Energy Type is a Projector we look at the Sacral and Throat.   

For the Projector the Sacral Center again has to be undefined and the Throat can be defined or undefined. If the Throat is defined it must not be connected to a motor center. So the throat can be connected to the G Center, Spleen, or Ajna.

The Aura of the Projector is very penetrating, they can really look in and "see" what would work best for the other.  But in order for the other to truly receive the wisdom and guidance from the Projector they need to invite the Projectors energy in first.  This is where the strategy of "to be invited" come from.  

If the other is not ready for the projector's energy it will not be received and the projector and be left drained and bitter for having used their energy with no one listening to them.


Now we come to the reflector...  the easiest Energy Type to point out based on the chart because ALL of the energy centers are undefined or white.
The Reflector's Aura takes samples over time of the environment around it and from these samples the Reflector is able to determine what is correct or incorrect for them. 

Reflectors operate in a 28 day cycle because the moon is their greatest influence in life.  As the Moon moves through the different gates during its orbit around the Earth it will activate different areas in the Reflector's chart.  

This is why the Reflector's Strategy is to "flow through the lunar cycle". It takes this cycle for them to sample the energies and how they feel with different definitions created as the moon travels through its own cycle. 

What's next?

If you love Human Design, want to learn more and connect with others on their Human Design Journey Join me in my Monthly membership "Vitality by Design" where we do all of that; learn & connect about all things Human Design.

Now go out, live your life, and experience your design!

Bye for now,

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Your Starting point to understanding the Human Design Chart

Your Starting point to understanding the Human Design Chart

When you first looked at your Human Design chart did you have a moment of 😅 what is going on here?

I know, there is A LOT going on in the chart, this is because Human Design is a synthesis of both ancient modalities (Astrology, Hindu Chakra system, Chinese I-Ching, and Kabbalah Tree of Life) and modern sciences (quantum physics, astrophysics, and genetics).

So keep reading and I'll give you a quick break down of where each of the aspects of the Human Design chart mean and where they come from.

Let's start with a visual, when you run your chart on my website it will look something like this...


Let's start with the purple and pink columns on each side of the Chart.  These relate to astrology and are the placements of the planets in the gates of your body graph. The placement of the planets at the time of your birth matters because it is the neutrino field passing through the planets at the time that imprints your energy dynamics on your (this is where astrophysics comes in!).  To understand how that is mapped out I just uploaded a video to YouTube explaining that so you can check it out here:


The gates, which are all of those numbers running around both in the columns and energy centers come from the Chinese I-Ching.  There are 64 of them total which also corresponds to the 64 codons we have in our DNA structure (hello genetics). Each energy Center houses different gates and they are the different ways that energy center's energy can be expressed.

Energy Centers

The 9 energy centers in the Human Design Chart derive from the 7 energy centers in the Hindu Charka system. In 1781 we had an evolutionary shift and our energy centers evolved from 7 to 9 which ultimately changed how we were designed to operate.  Our 7 centered counterparts were designed to listen solely to utter authority, where as we as 9 centered beings are designed to listen solely to our own inner authority to make decisions.


All of those lines running between the energy centers and connecting the gates to one another.  These channels from from the Kabbalah Tree of Life and hold their own energy which is a quantum of the gates on either side of the channel that makes up that channel. This is one of the areas of the chart where quantum physics comes in.  When each gates is active on either side of the channel it creates a quantum energy where the energy shifts and that energy is greater than the sum of its parts.

Okay if you've read this far that means you're a total champ and my people for geeking out over Human Design so much.

If this lead you to even more questions don't worry, that happens!

Stay tuned because next week I'm FINALLY launching Vitality by Design my monthly membership where we have a community space to answer ALL of your questions!

Have a great rest of your week, bye for now!

With love,

P.S. Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you along your journey:
1. Take the next steps on your deconditioning process by diving into the Energy Centers with my free guide:
"Beginner's Guide to Aligned Energy Centers" is your starting place to understand what each energy center is and if you're operating in a Healthy state or unhealthy state within each center whether its defined for undefined.  Get it here!
2. Join "Human Design Education" and connect with others who are on your Human Design journey
It’s my Facebook community where I teach about the different aspects of Human Design. I make this complicated system simple so if you're wanting to learn more but feeling overwhelmed with information, then this is the place for you to be!   Join Here

3. Book an "Embrace your Design" session
Feel like you need some help putting all of the different aspects of your Human Design chart together? Booking an "Embrace your Design" session is for you. You'll get a custom reading of your chart from me with the added bonus of being able to ask questions and get the support you need on your Human Design Journey. 

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