Cultivating Patience - Oil + Restore Practice

Cultivating Patience - Oil + Restore Practice
We live in such a fast-paced world, in many cases instant gratification is a real thing.  We have become so used to getting things immediately. In many ways this is truly a blessing, but if we are not mindful, it costs us the gift of patience.  Not everything is designed to happen right away, there are many lessons in cultivating patience.  Patience teaches us to slow down, be present, and enjoy the ride.  
Our minds go so crazy because we want everything right now and when things don’t happen in our expected time frame we start to ask: why isn't this happening right now, what am I doing wrong, I’m I not enough? In yoga these are all the vrittis (fluctuations) of the mind.  
Here’s the ultimate truth my friends:


When we come into a space of being ok with the process, releasing expectations of a timeline, it naturally allows us to have patience and enjoy the process so much more.
I’ve created a beautiful asana practice to help support you in cultivating more patience in your life. Join me on your mat and take time to open the body.  Healing takes time and this gentle restorative practice offers space for that healing to happen.
Follow along with me in following video or keep reading to take the “Cultivating Patience – Oil + Restore” practice at your own pace.

For this practice we will be using Young Living’s blends
  • Peace & Calming
  • Grounding
  • Release
  • Surrender 
I choose these oils to help us get into the energetic frequency of patience.  If you do not have these oils on hand please still practice with me!  Essential Oils are not necessary for the practice, but they do add another layer of healing to the work you are doing. 
If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how to become a part of the Oily Love Team please click here.
Now, Let’s get into our practice…
Start by sitting in Sukasana;
either on the straight on the mat, blanket, or bolster.
Place 2-3 drops of Peace & Calming in the palm of your hand and take a couple of deep breaths.  Then bring your hands to your feet and rub the stomach point, which is located just below the ball of your foot at the beginning of your arch. 
Peace & Calming placed on the stomach point helps to calm the nervous system and settle digestion.  So often when we are impatient we activate the stress sensors in the body, this in turn halts digestion.  Everything in the body is a feedback loop. 
While you’re giving the stomach point a little message say the mantra:
 “I am content and blessed” at least 3 times.
Bringing more contentment into our lives helps us to slow down, appreciate what we do have, and cultivate more patience as we work towards what we want.
Slowly making your way to your back we will take Supta Baddha Konasana
Staying here for 10 breaths, allowing the hips to relax open.  If you need some support place blacks under the knees.
Bring the hands to the Sacral Center, just below the belly button.  This is the center where we hold the gift of patience.  Tune in, feel the energy here.
After 10 breaths slowly bring the knees back up and take a gentle twist to each side.  Again focusing on the sacral center and any sensations you feel.  Have patience with the body and surrender to it opening in its own time.  Allow 5-10 breaths on each side.
Take your time and make your way back to your seat, we will start some gentle bandha work to connect further with the sacral center.
Dropping 2-3 drops of Grounding Essential Oil to your hands and rub them together, take an inhale to breath in all those amazing conifer oils that help us to simultaneously feel the energy of grounding and upliftment.   
Bring your focus to your breath and say the mantra 
“I am in alignment” 
When we are in alignment we know that everything will come and happen in right timing, giving us patience to see how it all unfolds.
Next, apply Release Essential Oil Blend to the bottom of the neck just above the color bone.
Using the mantra “I am in perfect timing” while applying the oil.
When we allow ourselves to be in “perfect timing” we release expectations on timelines.  So often we try and force things to happen in a certain time frame, but all this does is cause frustration and cut off the natural universal flow.  When we allow ourselves to be in flow and allow ourselves to truly trust in “perfect timing” we naturally cultivate more patience.
Repeat the mantra “I am in perfect timing” at least 3 times.
The last oil we will use for practice today is Surrender.
Taking 2-3 drops of Surrender Essential Oil Blend into the hand, rub them together and inhale.
Applying the oil to your forehead, say the mantra:
 “I am open and welcome change” repeat at least 3 times, slow and steady.
Sometimes the thing that blocks our progress and takes away our patience is when we want things to be a certain way and we are not open to the change and flow in the process.  When we truly surrender, are open to change, and have patience in the unfolding of the path so often things manifest so much better than our original vision.
Now that we have connected deeply on an energetic level, let’s move into the physical…
Coming forward and flow into some cat-cows, experience the body, feel the body.  Notice where you want to move faster and slower. Can you feel the body’s natural rhythm and flow with it?
Finding Adho Mukha Savansana (down dog)

Feeling and allowing the backs of the legs to open.   No destination here. Just breathing.   This is a great pose to explore and have patience with if you have tight hamstrings, calves, low back, or cultivating patience in your strength and endurance in the arms/shoulders to hold this pose.
Stay 5-10 breaths.
Coming into Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (pigeon pose)
Working the hips tries almost everyone’s patience. We hold so much in our hips. Physically because we are sitting, standing, and walking all day. Our emotional center is also found in the hips so this is where many repressed emotions are held.  Patience is the key to allowing the hips to open and energy to flow.
Hold this pose for 10-15 breaths on each side.   Stay the course, tune into your breath, and cultivate patience in the process.
Take a seat, bring the legs wide to come into Upavishta Konasana (wide legged forward fold)
We worked on the outer hips in the previous pose, not we bring our attention to the inner part of the hips.  Our hips are multifaceted and multilayered.  Breath.  This pose can be a huge lesson in cultivating patience in the body.
Hold for 10-15 breaths.
Bringing the legs together come into Baddha Konasana (cobblers pose)
Another pose to work the inner hips as well as moving into the low back.  Allow your torso to drape over the legs.  Breath into the back of the body, sacral center, and inner thighs.  Accept where you are at, you are in perfect timing.
Stay 10-15 breaths.
Once you come out of the pose make your way onto your back to come into 
Ananda Balasana (happy baby)
Allowing your knees to move towards the ground and taking any gentle movements you need. Staying 5-10 breaths.
Bring the knees into the chest and give yourself a little squeeze.  Taking another twist to each side if that calls to you or coming right into 

Resting for at least 5 min.  Our true test of patience. Can we be still and allow our body and mind to rest while awake.  Be patient with yourself.
After your 5 minutes is up slowly make your way back to yourself and bring the palms into prayer. Honor yourself.  You are amazing.