Crystals to help follow your inner Guidance

Crystals to help follow your inner Guidance
Using natural gemstones and crystals can be a great help to support you along your spiritual journey.

Some of my favorites to use for support with trusting and following your own inner guidance are: Labradorite, Kyanite, and Smokey Quartz.
Labradorite helps you to connect with and bring awareness to the universal energies around you to help guide you in the answers you seek and correct decisions to make that already lie within you.

Kyanite opens you up to and connects you with your own inner knowing and spirit guides so that you are aware of their guidance.

Smokey Quartz grounds the guidance you receive with in you and helps to release the fears that are holding you back from following that guidance.

Carrying crystals around with you is a wonderful way to open yourself up to this guidance and have a physical reminder of the intentions you set.

Wearing your crystals in beautiful jewelry is another way to keep the healing energies and intention with you.  For this reason I created the "Guidance Mala" pictured below, click on the image to learn more about this beautiful, hand-knotted mala!