The Relationship between Aura, Energy Type, & Strategy in the Human Design System.

In the Human Design System you hear a lot about Energy Type and Strategy. 

If you've ever wondered how the Energy Types are determined and in turn how that dermines your Strategy then either keep reading or watch the video above... whatever format works best for your understanding and learning type!

What is Energy Type & How is it Determined

There are 5 different Energy Types in Human Design
  • Generator
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Projector
  • Manifestor
  • Reflector
Your Energy Type is determined by how the Energy Centers are defined in your Human Design Chart.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

When the Sacral center is defined you automatically know the energy type is a Generator or Manifesting Generator.
The Difference between the two is if the Sacral center is connected to the Throat center, either directly through the 20-34 channel or indirectly by channels passing through another energy center. 

In this first chart you have a "pure generator". The Sacral center is defined but not connected to the Throat center.

The difference between a Generator and Manifesting Generator is how the Throat center is defined in the chart.  For a Generator the Throat center can be defined or undefined the key is if it connected to one of the motor centers i.e. the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root, or Heart.  If the Throat center is connected to a motor center and the Sacral is Defined then you know you have a Manifesting Generator. If the Throat is defined and only connected to the Ajna, G, or Splenic Center(s) then you're a Generator.

Now, let's get into the Manifesting Generator and look at the difference...

For the Manifesting Generator remember the Throat needs to be connected to a motor center and sacral defined.  Here we have the Throat connected to the Solar Plexus (motor center) and the sacral is defined so we have a Manifesting Generator. 

The Strategy for both Generators and Manifesting Generators is "to respond" this is because the Sacral Center is a response center.  It is designed to respond to the world around it.

Because of this the Aura of the Generator and Manifesting Generators is Open and Enveloping.  It needs to respond to the world so it pulls the world into it in order to respond.  


When the Sacral center is undefined in a chart you automatically know it's either a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector.

To determine if the energy type is a Manifestor you need to look again at the throat center. For the Energy Type to be a Manifestor the Throat center needs to be connected to a motor center. 

Remember the motor centers are the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and root.

Since this is a Manifestor we know the Sacral cannot be defined so the throat must connect to the Heart, Solar Plexus, or Root center.  

In the example here the Throat Center is connected to the Heart center. 

The Manifestor Aura is a little more closed off and not influenced so much by the auras of others.  This is why their strategy is "to inform" they are designed to pretty much do what they want to do when their inner authority gives the go ahead.  So they inform then go off and do they're thing. Their closed off auras a almost a bit of protection so they can do what they feel called to do and pour their energy into.


Again to determine if the Energy Type is a Projector we look at the Sacral and Throat.   

For the Projector the Sacral Center again has to be undefined and the Throat can be defined or undefined. If the Throat is defined it must not be connected to a motor center. So the throat can be connected to the G Center, Spleen, or Ajna.

The Aura of the Projector is very penetrating, they can really look in and "see" what would work best for the other.  But in order for the other to truly receive the wisdom and guidance from the Projector they need to invite the Projectors energy in first.  This is where the strategy of "to be invited" come from.  

If the other is not ready for the projector's energy it will not be received and the projector and be left drained and bitter for having used their energy with no one listening to them.


Now we come to the reflector...  the easiest Energy Type to point out based on the chart because ALL of the energy centers are undefined or white.
The Reflector's Aura takes samples over time of the environment around it and from these samples the Reflector is able to determine what is correct or incorrect for them. 

Reflectors operate in a 28 day cycle because the moon is their greatest influence in life.  As the Moon moves through the different gates during its orbit around the Earth it will activate different areas in the Reflector's chart.  

This is why the Reflector's Strategy is to "flow through the lunar cycle". It takes this cycle for them to sample the energies and how they feel with different definitions created as the moon travels through its own cycle. 

What's next?

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