The Biggest Mistake I See People Make When Starting Their Human Design Journey
The number one biggest mistake most people make when starting their Human Design Journey is completely going down the rabbit hole and wanting to learn everything there is to know about Human Design.

I get, Human Design is so fascinating and gives you so much confirmation on how you’ve always felt on the inside but never really allowed yourself to express on the outside. 

But, there comes a point when just consuming all of the information is simply brain candy. It's a distraction that takes you away from the real work of deconditioning so that you can actually follow your strategy and authority. If you want to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime, you do that by deconditioning and following your own unique path.

Think for a minute, how many people who you’ve come across who seem to know a lot about Human Design but you get the feeling they are not truly living their design?  

They have the knowledge, but knowledge does not equate embodiment.  In reality just consuming Human Design content can be a double edge sword and it runs a fine line.  On one hand you need to have a basic understanding of your design but on the other you need to be mindful that you’re actually experimenting with your design in real life and not just theorizing about it.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system, said many times that Human Design can just turn into mental gymnastics and distract you from living out your purpose.

So how do you actually start to live your design?

You need to make sure you’re actually working through your deconditioning process and not getting sidetracked by all of the shiny Human Design objects.

Now, I know I’m a Human Design educator, that’s what I do, I teach the brain candy, but this is not really the point of Human Design. The point of Human Design is to live out your purpose by living as your unique self.  My purpose is to show you that you have your own unique path in this lifetime and that unfold by following your own authority.

So let me ask you... 

Do you really want to keep going down all of the different Human Design rabbit holes trying to find the answers to yourself? (hint: if you have an open Head Center than this is your head center operating in an unhealthy state, always looking for the answers.) Or do you actually want to start experimenting with your design, work through your own deconditioning process, and connect with your authority to live life full of satisfaction, success, peace, or surprise.

So now you’re probably thinking, okay Mallory so then what AM I suppose to do?

Well, you work on your deconditioning so that you can better connect to your strategy and authority. The first step in doing this is understanding how your energy centers are operating.

Are you operating in healthy states within each energy center or unhealthy states?

If you’re not sure then I created a free resource for you “The Beginners Guide to Aligned Energy Centers” its the perfect starting point for you to understand how you’re operating in your Energy Centers and where some shifts needs to be made.

This is a 22 page guide going through each of the 9 Energy Centers in the Human Design system and breaking down the healthy states and unhealthy states of each center, both defined and undefined.

When you are operating in alignment within each energy center that’s when you’re able to allow the mind to step aside, trust your strategy, and connect with your own authority to guide you in this lifetime.

With love,

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  1. I’m going through a lot of transformation and feel you seem to be very knowledgeable and present in what people are going through by knowing yourself.

    I could use some help finding balance with the de-conditioning process and multiplicity of my chart. I’m a triple split generator with all systems fixed, except for the throat, G, and Spleen centers, they are open.

    Let me know if you do consulting, what you charge and how to get scheduled.

    Thank you.

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