5 Practices to Create a Positive Mindset
Your mindset has the biggest impact on how your life unfolds. Not sure if this is true... just watch the people around you, I bet you’ll notice those that are always complaining seem to always have crappy things happen to them, it’s like they’re a magnet for crap. I’ll let you on a little create they literally are, because what you put out into the universe you attract right back. Then on the flip side you have the people who are positive, and life just seems to flow a little better for them, again that’s because its what they are attracting.
Learning to cultivate a positive mindset will change your life and bring you so much more happiness.   

Read on or watch at the end so you can start changing your life TODAY!
Here are 5 simple practices you can do to help create a more positive mindset.
1. Practice Gratitude…
every morning take the time to think of 10 things you are grateful for.  It can be simple everyday things we often take for granted like running water and a hot shower or it can be something much deeper, like the ability to have hope in the mists of life’s challenges. Also, do this practice throughout the day.  When you notice yourself slipping into negativity, stop and think of 3 things you are grateful for, this simple practice can literally be life changing, especially when we learn to have gratitude for the hard things and people in our lives.  You can’t be negative when you’re in a place of gratitude
2. Acceptance….
Let me tell you a story, the transition into motherhood extremely difficult to me.  I had a super high needs baby that never wanted to be put down and literally didn’t sleep, EVER! Negativity swelled up inside me as I started to get resentful and then of course the guilt and feeling like I was the worst mom on the planet shortly followed.  It just sucked on all levels.  What saved me was the practice of Acceptance and applying my acceptance oil over my heart.   When I let go of my expectations and accepted my circumstances everything changed. I could feel the negativity slowly slipping away and actually started to enjoy being a mom, seriously the biggest gift.
3. Move Your Body…
movement is so healing and helps our body to release endorphins which is our happy hormone!   Our bodies are meant to move, when we are sedentary it starts to clog up and block our prana (our life force energy) from flowing.  By keeping your energy flowing we create endorphins and clear the mind. Find YOUR favorite way to move and do it everyday!
4. Eat Nutritious Food…
It’s simple fresh, whole foods have a higher vibration than processed food. Have you ever noticed when you eat at lot of processed food your mood tends to tank?  This is because the gut and the brain are very connected and when we feed our bodies fresh whole, food we are feeding our brains what it needs to thrive and it makes it a little easier to have a positive mindset.  Now, if your life me and love to indulge with food,  I feel you!  That’s why the 80/20 rule works well for me.  80% of my diet it high quality, whole foods and 20% is stuff I know isn’t great for me, but it just tastes sooo good.  Can’t be living my life without chocolate chip cookies and brownies!  
5. Be mindful of what you consume…
Now, I’m not talking about food here, we already went over that. One of the best things I ever did to help improve my mindset was to be super conscious of what I let into my mind.  Ask yourself this, what do you usually watch? How does your Facebook page look? Instagram? What books to do you read?  ALL of these matters.  If you are reading and watching negativity then your mind will naturally be filled with negativity, its simple.  The best thing you can do right now is TURN OFF THE NEWS!!!  The media is pretty much all negativity and fear mongering.  Believe me, if something BIG happens you’ll find out about it, you do not have to watch the news.
So that’s it the 5 practices you can start right NOW to create a more positive mindset.
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