Winter Solstice and Human Design
Happy Winter Solstice!  Here's what you need to know from a Human Design Perspective...

Today (Dec. 21st 2022) and every Winter Solstice the Sun moves into the 10th Gate line 2.  This is written out 10.2

Gate 10 resides in the G center of the body graph which is our center of love, identity, and direction.

The 10th gate is the true love and acceptance of yourself as you were designed to be, not the conditioned self.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System, always said that when we don't love ourselves it is not our true self that we do not love, but the conditioned self.

So every Winter Solstice is a day to work through our de-conditioning  and feel the energy of truly loving and accepting who we are designed to be.  To do this you simply surrender to your Strategy and Authority.  In doing this you take the first steps in releasing what is not truly yours and embrace your process of becoming you again.  

For today I encourage you to experiment fully with your Strategy and Authority by honoring it.  If you a Manifestor inform and take action on the things that have been calling to you,  Generators and Manifesting Generator see what you respond to throughout the day and what your authority tells you about those things, Projectors see what invitations comes your way and listen to your Authority if those invitations are correct for you.  If you're a Reflector fully experience the day be open to what the day brings and observe how different experiences shift the energy within you.

With the Sun being in the 2nd line of the 10th gate (10.2) this is the line of the hermit and how the hermit is designed to deal with conditioning is by withdrawing.  So if you are feeling like someone is trying to condition you away from your true self today, give yourself permission to withdraw.  Set that boundary in place today because that energy is there for you to utilize.  This gives you the space to not take that conditioning on. Listen to and follow your Strategy and Authority.

Winter Solstice brings with it a strong energy that empowers your potential to live authentically as yourself, embracing and accepting the unique being that you are.

Release what is not you and fall into deep love and acceptance of who you are designed to be, when you do this you empower others to do the same.  This is one way you can shift the world into a higher frequency.

Love yourself,


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