Happy Rave New Year Beautiful Soul! 🌟

The Human Design "New Year" starts on January 22nd when the Sun moves into the 41st gate.

Now, why does the 41st gate mark the new year in Human Design?  This is because the 41st gate correlates with the start codon in our biological genetic code.

The Genetic Code is made up of combinations of 4 letters: A, T, C, & G. These letters are called bases and are the building blocks of our own unique genetic code. It is the different combinations of these letters that lets the body know what to create when making new cells, replacing old cells, and to heal.

When the spefic letter sequence: ATG shows up in your genetic code the body knows that this is the start of instructions of what to do next.

This 41st gate is connected to this ATG letter sequence and operates like a front door key to open the rest of the code.

So depending on what frequency your "front door" is in will affect the frequency of the rest of the house (your body, mind, and consciousness).

To understand where you are at, let's talk a little about the 41st gate and the energy it holds.

The 41st Gate is the Gate of Decrease  or the Gate of contraction and what this mean is it hold the energy of basically learning to be resourceful with what you have.  When there is a limitation of resources this can maximize your potential depending on how you deal with your limitations.

There is a great pressure within this gate because it is located in the Root Center, which is a pressure center, and the 41st gate holds the pressure to feel or have new experiences.  To use this energy properly we must focus and be fully present on one experience at a time.  When we do this we have the capacity to maximize the potential of each experience fully and transcend to a higher frequency.

If you'd like to learn more about the 41st, Root Center, and how they affect your design stay tuned because I'm in the processes of creating a course where we take a deep dive into the power held in the Root Center.

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Until then, be present in your day today.  Focus on each new experience you have, one at a time.  Check in with each feeling you have simply observing where you're energetically at as you move into this New Year in Human Design.

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to post them below!

With light and love,


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