Every morning as my coffee is brewing I contemplate what intention I'd like to set for the day.  After walking my spiritual path for many years I've come to deeply understand the wisdom in setting intentions.

Not only does diffusing Essential Oils help you to set the tone and vibe for the day, but essential oils also help to clean and purify the air.

The molecules in the oils can go in and distroy all of the nasty stuff lingering as well as take care of smells you really don't want to be smelling.

For me starting my diffuser every morning is a ceremony where I get to set my intention and get that frequency moving through the air in our home.

You manifest your life whether you are thinking and being intentional about it or not.  It is important to remember everything starts with intention and we are either aware of and choosing our intentions or just operating in default mode.

So I encourage you to start your day with a diffuser and some amazing oils that will help to bring your intention in your reality.

If you don't already have essential oils and are ready to get started I'm here for you!

I personally use Young Living essential oils because it is the purest brand I have ever used with an intention to grow the best plants and turn them into essential oils for your greatest health, mind, body, and soul!

You can get started with any of the oils from Young Living just visit their website and take a look, when you are ready for check out use my referral code: 10162397

You can also check out my favorites at my Young Living website here:

If you don't have essential oils or a diffuser yet I highly recommend getting started with their Desert Mist or Aria Premium Starter Kit.  

These are my all time Favorite Essential oils and ones you'll use everyday for setting intentions and supporting your physical health.

The Desert Mist diffuser is very elegant and affordable 

But, if you're in the market for the most exquisite diffuser that Young Living carries the Aria diffuser is the queen.

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