The Life Changing Practice of Gratitude
Feeling constantly overwhelmed, like you can't get ahead, that there's never enough? I know exactly how you feel, for years I felt the same way. Fear was a big part of my life, like even when things were good I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  What a shitty space to be in, overall life is good but you still have an underlying feeling of stress and worry.

The one practice that really helped to pull my mind out of that space and as I started practicing them my energy started to shift and I noticed more flow and ease in life.  As the saying goes "Where focus goes, energy flows" When we are constantly focused on the negative that's where our energy goes, to the negative and we start to manifest all the negative shit we don't really want.

So what did I do?

Well it was pretty simple it fundamentally started with gratitude.  Yep that simple, really cultivating a grateful heart.  How can such a simple thing have such a big impact?  Well it literally shifts your energy. Everything is made of energy, everything has a frequency which is why our thoughts and mindset have such a big impact on our lives.  What gratitude does is it raises our vibration.  It may sound a little woo-woo but its true. There have been many studies done to show what we think has a direct impact on the world around us and our lives. Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment where he wrote and spoke words over water and froze the water to see how it crystalized.  The results were crazy and the water's crystallization was so different for each word. Here's a quick YouTube Video showing the impact of our words:

So yes words impact the vibration of the world.  Living in gratitude is one of the fundamental ways you can shift your mind which will shift your life.

Where do you start? I started with a simple gratitude practice where every morning while I'm drinking my cup of coffee I write down 10 things I'm grateful for. These things range from very simple like being able to take a hot shower to the grand like expressing gratitude for the dream life that I am in the process of creating. I show gratitude to the things that have already manifested and to the things that I have not yet manifested on the physical plane but I know are coming to me.

In addition to my gratitude practice I also choose to send love to 3 people each day; a loved one, a neutral person, and someone who challenges me. This practice helps to open your heart and increase your receiving muscle.  When we learn that the challenging people in our lives are still worthy of love we in turn learn that we are worthy of whatever it is that we want out of life.

If you need help starting your own gratitude practice download my free one page gratitude journal here

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Practicing gratitude for 21 days will help instill this practice into your being and you will find yourself walking around throughout the day finding things to be grateful for, even the challenging stuff!  When we show the universe that we are grateful for what we already have it bestows more amazing blessings into our lives.

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